Mini's Law Fundraiser
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On 11th May 2021 we successfully raised £3,000 with 188 supporters in 28 days

We aim to change the law to protect animals from out-of-control hunting hounds and we are seeking legal advice to draft legislation.

by Keep The Ban & Action Against Foxhunting in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Any extra funding raised will be used to support the Mini's Law campaign. This may include materials such as leaflets and flyers, additional legal fees that may be incurred as well as general campaigning costs to spread awareness of the campaign. 

On Saturday 6th March 2021, Mini the cat was killed by out-of-control hunting hounds. She was on her own drive, sitting in the sun. It's too late for Mini, but it must never happen to any other animal. We aim to change the law.

We are currently in the process of seeking legal advice to ascertain the best steps going forward, whether this is a new piece of legislation titled Mini's Law or amendment/s made to existing law/s. 

Please consider donating to this vital fundraiser. We cannot let this be swept under the carpet and continue to watch on as countless other animals are put in danger by the hunts.


Background information 

In a shocking and deeply upsetting incident, 14 year-year-old rescue cat Mini was brutally mauled by a pack of hunting hounds in Cornwall on the 6th March 2021. Everything was caught on film and the huntsman can be seen holding the body of Mini before hurling it over a fence of a nearby neighbour. 


"We're trying to wrap our heads around what has happened and why. It's really hard. We're all absolutely devastated.

"I think it's worse because my children are here. They've had to listen to everything that's been going on today.

"My daughter is training to be a vet, so she was working at a local practice today. I'm still struggling to tell her certain parts of what has happened because it's just too traumatic. We're a family who help animals.

"People say, accidents happen, but this was no accident.

"This was an evil act."

"I don't see the hounds but I often see the boxes going past and I can hear them quite a lot.

"I wonder what the hounds had been doing here - could they smell Mini, did they come this way just to get her?

"I suppose we will never know because they will never tell us. But things like this shouldn't be happening. I shouldn't have to fear for the lives of my animals in my own street. No-one should."

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