Michelle and son Jacks bucket list

by Charlie Yarr in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Michelle and son Jacks bucket list


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To help my lovely friend achieve some final memories for her and her 14 year old boy she will be sadly leaving too soon

by Charlie Yarr in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Hi, so from the blurbs you already know my name is Charlie and the reason I am here is to help raise some funds for my lovely friend and her son. 

In a nutshell, Michelle was diagnosed with breast cancer approx 3 years ago. She tackled this like an absolute trooper, having to say goodbye to her marvellous breasts along the way. 

Thinking this was the end of the bad luck and nasty chapter in life, Michelle continued being super mum and returning to work. Unfortunately this was short lived as the cancer returned. Far too much has happened in the bumpy road since that unwanted news. Michelle has been in and out of hospital, ovaries removed, chemo, radiotherapy, you name it, she’s had it. 

Heartbreakingly it has now reached a point of no return. The vile C has spread to her bones. We have had to accept that we will not have the beautiful bubbly character as long as we would love. Whilst this is devastating, the heart breaking part is that Michelle is having to leave her 14 year old son. 

I wish I could wave a magic wand. I wish I had a money tree. I wish I could save my friend! I don’t and I can’t. What I can potentially try to do is raise some money for Michelle and Jack to do as much as possible before life becomes too tricky. Michelle is already limited to how far she can travel so time is of the essence.  To give Jack some lifelong memories by giving them the opportunity to go on a cruise to see whales (one on her bucket list and a cruise would mean little movement for Michelle) would mean the world to us all. There are many other smaller trips Michelle could manage but whale watching was the dream.

Any donation would be incredible. If I can make this happen I would be eternally grateful.  Thank you for reading my essay, please please let’s make this happen for Jack, he deserves this final quality time with his mum.

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