Amy's Marianne North Project with ACE

by Amy Fellows in Hastings, England, United Kingdom

Amy's Marianne North Project with ACE


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Celebrating artist Marianne North as relevant and revolutionary: looking at historical and contemporary issues of environment and gender.

by Amy Fellows in Hastings, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

This stretch target will allow me to present the project at the wonderful Anteros Arts Foundation in Norwich at the end of April 2021: showcasing 6 months of research, new work and discoveries about Marianne North AND promoting the brilliant work of featured artists.

I am applying for Arts Council England funding for the first time, to celebrate the life and legacy of little-known Victorian botanical artist Marianne North. I need a little support to evidence that we, the people, want to know about her!

Marianne North was a pioneer in changing social perceptions of gender and ahead of her time in her consideration of environmental issues such as deforestation; her life and work is still relevant today.


Inspired by the Marianne North mural (above) commissioned by Coastal Currents in 2019 on Queens Road in Hastings the project is rooted in local history, unsung female icons and my love of the great outdoors. (Pic: Alexander Brattell)

North never married knowing it would harm her career which culminated in the creation of the Marianne North Gallery at Kew Gardens: a collection of over 800 botanical paintings housed in a purpose-built gallery, pictured below. (Pic: Kew Gardens)

The Marianne North Gallery

In recent times we heard that women have been expected to take on more predominantly domestic roles during lockdown and our gardens and local outdoor spaces beyond our four walls became new areas for appreciation and expedition.

The project will generate digital and printable learning resources or creative packs to encourage audiences to stay home (in the event of further Covid restrictions) and encourage them to get outdoors and enjoy their local green spaces.

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