Malt + Pepper

Malt + Pepper

We're opening the UK's first restaurant that cooks with beer, yeast, hops and grain. Alongside a dedicated Spent Grain Bakery in East London

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We're Malt + Pepper, and we're opening at a permanent location in two railway arches right next door to Cambridge Heath Station. 

Following a super exciting, and incredible rewarding journey around pubs in London we've found a space that we've fallen in love with and are putting down some roots, and we'd absolutely love your help to transform the space into a bustling hub for all things beer. 

The extension at the front of the arches will house a small bottle shop, a coffee house and the UK’s first Spent Grain Bakery. The space will open from 7am so you can grab a coffee, your lunch and a smile en route to the office and close late, so we'll be here for a post work relax, a couple of tins for an evening in front of the TV or a tasting with some of the UK's finest breweries. 

We're most excited about the bakery element. Spent grain is the malt that is left over and discarded after the first step of the brewing process. It makes up massive percentage of a breweries waste. We've already been taking this grain during our travels and use it for breads, brownies and pastries, and following some wild experimentation we're ready to create a whole host of baked goods. This will be a UK FIRST (perhaps a worldwide first, probably a worldwide first). We've put together a wee blog post here to explain in more detail what a spent grain bakery is.

The arch on the left will house our dining room, where we'll serve up our beerified food, our menu will be a constantly changing, experimental menu cooked with beer, hops, yeast and malt. We'll host bottomless brunch every Saturday and serve up our twist on the classic Sunday Roast every, well, Sunday. There will be monthly (M)Eat The Brewer supperclubs held in this space too. During these events we'll collaborate with our favourite brewers to create a menu specifically with their beers, this is where you can expect to find our most experimental dishes, matched with some of the finest beers. 

The second arch is where our bar will be, big comfy seats, a rotating selection of beers, natural wines, locally produced soft drinks and a whole bunch of small batch spirits. It'll be cosy and calm, the perfect place to unwind after a busy day at the office. 

Out front in the decent sized garden, we'll create a tranquil space where you can sit and chat with friends over coffee, beer and a bite. 

We've put together some exciting rewards (we think) in return for your pledges, from a cuppa through to taking you out and painting the town red, taking in some of our favourite breweries, inspiration and delicious food along the way.

By pledging to this project you'll allow us to get the bakery up and running, give the space a little bit of TLC. and allow us to install 8 taps of wonderfully crafted beer and a cellar into the arches. We could, of course, undertake the works gradually, and that is an option if this campaign is unsuccessful. However, we'd love to deliver the perfect space from the get go for you and your friends to fall in love with. 

Malt + Pepper founder, John Longland was dismayed at the lack of really good beer available in the majority of restaurants around London, and then inspired by the likes of Mark Dredge and The Beeroness who have shared numerous wonderful and delicious recipes online, and published their own books. The coupling of that dismay and inspiration led to the birth of Malt + Pepper. 

The aim is to offer delicious food from around the world, to deliver friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming service to all of you and the best beer list of any restaurant you'll find in a 100 mile radius. 

Follow us on Twitter: @MaltPepperLDN or Instagram: @MaltPepperLDN, and of course onFacebook, guess what it's @MaltPepperLDN. Read more about us, and where we're currently cooking over at

If you'd like to get in touch about this project or anything else, drop us an email to

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