Make a difference before its too late

Promote the issues affecting people on mainstream media, like to draw attention to real problems facing UK citizens on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The Year is 2017, are we moving backwards as a society or forwards? For most people the Answer is backwards.

With so much fake news, lack of facts and propaganda promoted by the main stream polictical parties via the media and their multi million pound backers, I think we are getting lost and heading in the wrong direction. As a result society is suffering. Millions are affected by debt, access to affordable education is non existent, hunger is increasing, getting on the propertly ladder is close to zero for many people and homelessnes is on the rise. The Murdoch controlled media and Conservative BBC are not covering the above but we as citizens can highlight our concerns and this is your chance.

So we as Citizens need to take action and produce our own content and not let them feed us rubbish on a dailly basis.

Prior to the election I want the whole nation to clearly understand what is at stake and the importance of your vote. It is disturbing how the Consrevatives are sweeping to victory in the local elections and even more shocking to see so many MP's against Corbyn. This election is not just about Brexit!

Lets get behind CORBYN, who is standing up for all not just for the RICH!

There are over 60million people in the UK and this project aims to get people to engage and think of what they really want, rather than fall for lies and promises that MP's have no intention of keeping.

I want people to vote for Corbyn who will give people a voice and will highlight the hardship people are suffering in this country!

This is our opportunity to create a fairer society.

Many examples below:


  • House prices have gone through the roof and if your already in debt with student loans, how are you ever going to pay a mortgage? For that matter even saving up for a deposit..
  • Average London house price is over half a million. If your not a footballer, be prepared to live on rent untill you die!


  • The average student debt for a University graduate is £44,000.  ('highest in English-speaking world')
    Is this what we want for our future generations? Can you afford to pay this figure?
  • This may not be a death sentence but is a DEBT SENTENCE

Health Service:

  • The NHS is failing and slowly being privatised. I had a accident where I broke my ankle and was unable to walk, the ambulance service refused to come as it was classed as non life threatening and advised me to use a taxi. So is this what we expect in the year of 2017 and beyond..Its time to wake up this is not a third world country but the current situation in the United Kingdom
  • Get used to the terminology, outsourcing means PRIVATISATION, efficiency savings means CUTS!


  • The conservatives are good at privatising.  Just look at our public transport. In many cases it is cheaper to catch a flight than it is to book a train ticket!  Rising fairs and overcroweding, is that what you want?


  • Another example is utilities, we are told it is not possible to have state owned Utilities because lack of budget.
  • Yet we are expected to pay for the price hikes which only benefits Directors of companies like British Gas.
  • The big six" energy companies had recently raised prices,  while their profit margins hit "record levels".
  • Reality is if it was state owned our bills would not just be used for topping up Directors bonnusses but helping the citizens of this country and not let old people freeze to death

Human Rights:

  • The bed room tax! We can let companies like Amazon keep millions which they should be paying in tax but we want to in many cases to tax the disabled. If this was a policy in North Korea, it would be classed as inhumane but this is the policy in the UK in 2017.


  • Fuel price is predominantly made up of tax and now the government wants to tax diesel drivers for driving into city centres. Rather than taxing citizens why not pressure manufacture to produce cleaner cars.
  • The UK is the 4th most expensive country for diesel in the world at the pumps out of 175 countries

Illegal Wars:

  • Which country are we going to invade next. We have been to Iraq, no weapons of mass destruction found.
  • Been to Libya and created the biggest refugee crisis seen since world war 2.
  • Continue to support rebels in Syria, who in many cases are classed as terrorists
  • The Conservaties and Co tell us they are making Britain safer
  • Really...there was no ISIS untill we backed bombing campaigns and financial support for rebels!
  • The UK and the US dont want a independent investigation into alleged Chemical weapons use by Asad.
  • History has revealed Saddam had no weapons of mass detruction and the Vietnam War, was based on lie. (No US navy ship was attacked, which was used to justify the 20 year bombing campaign)When presidents lie to make a war
  • Yet the answer is more bombs!
  • This has put the inncocent lives of british people at risk and made us a target.


If you  agree with the above and are affected,then take action. The Millionaires like many conservatives and even anti Corbynites will not be affected by the above but millions of Citizens are. Your donations will help create a animated video and will be promoted on advertising slots via television, the facts will be out there and not lost in David Camerons memoirs!