We Need Each Other Now - Community Food Response

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Project by Sarah Bentley

We Need Each Other Now - Community Food Response

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Project by Sarah Bentley



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Help community cookery school Made In Hackney provide free community meals and keep our charity going during the COVID-19 crisis.

New stretch target


Thanks to YOUR support we have extended our free community meal service by 7 weeks and are now funded to run it until the end of July 2020. By then YOU will have contributed to providing over 44,000 meals to households struggling to access food during the COVID19 crisis. THANKYOU. 

But the situation does not end here. 

Any donations received on this page after the £88K mark we will put towards an extended community response to address the longer term impacts of COVID-19. We will consult with the community and partner organisations to establish what is most needed. That might be more hot meals, structural or financial support of grassroots community food services and banks, more online cookery services and food skills classes, or other ideas and provisions co-created with the community. 

We will keep you updated on how this plan takes shapes. In the mean time, stay safe and well. 


The more money we raise, the more people we can provide meals for during the COVID19 crisis. We are currently providing 420 meals a day and are on track to soon increase this to 500 meals per day. To maintain this level of service for 3 months will cost £90K. Can you help us to keep fundraising so we can secure this vital service?

We know the service is saving lives. One meal recipient told us when our meals arrived it was the first food in the household for 3 days. On another occasion our bicycle courier was able to identify an elder who had fallen and needed rushing to hospital. And our welfare callers (a volunteer who calls after the meals have been delivered) have telephoned ambulances on multiple occasions. This service is so much more than food. Its a life line. Please help us to help even more people during the COVID-19 crisis. 

We need each other now! This is an emergency crowdfunder from Made In Hackney in response to the COVID-19 crisis. 


Made In Hackney is a plant-based community cookery school and charity that has changed the lives of 15,000 Londoners. In pre-COVID days we ran free to attend community cookery classes with young carers, refugees, low income families and many other fantastic community groups to provide a space to learn the practical skills to lead healthier, happier more connected lives. 



Right now the future of Made In Hackney, and the health of our most vulnerable community members is in jeopardy. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the elderly, isolated and people with compromised immune systems are worried about going to the shops to buy food. Many people's livelihoods have collapsed. People are going hungry. 

Made In Hackney is tackling this situation NOW - but we need your help. 



On March 26th in partnership with Angelina's restaurant we started taking healthy, nourishing meals direct to the doorsteps of our community members who were struggling to access food during the covid19 crisis. These households were identified via referrals from charities, community organisations, Citizens Advice Bureau, NHS community workers, concerned neighbours and by self referral. 

We are currently providing 420 meals a day - and are on track to soon increase to 500 meals a day. Over a 3 month period we will have delivered over 33,000 FREE meals. 

Our friendly, non-contact cargo bikers and their volunteer cycle buddies deliver the meals direct to people's doorsteps. They offer a much needed smile and check in to see how people are coping. If needed we refer to other service providers for intervention. Ambulances have been called multiple times as our couriers have spotted urgent medical needs. This service is so much more than food. It is a lifeline.  



When we started this campaign we plunged headlong into getting the service off the ground as quickly as possible and we aimed to raise £30K. Having now started and seeing the scale of need - we are attempting to raise £90K so we can keep the service running at maximum capacity for 3 months. Can you help us? 

We need each other now - let's come together to make this happen. 


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