MA Children's Book Illustration Graduation Shows

by MA Children's Book Illustrators in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom


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All proceeds from this book project will be used to help fund our graduation shows in 2020. We are extremely grateful for your support.

by MA Children's Book Illustrators in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

About us and our project:

We are a group of budding children’s book illustration MA students from Cambridge School of Art.

Before finishing off our final semester together as part-time students, we have joined forces to create an Animal Alliterations (’Animalliterations’!) Book as a collaborative fundraising project for our upcoming graduation shows.

About our graduation shows:

All proceeds from this project will be used to help us pay towards the various costs of exhibiting our work professionally for everyone to see at our upcoming shows:

  • Candid Arts Gallery - London (11 – 15 February 2020)
  • Ruskin Gallery - Cambridge (19 - 29 February 2020)

At the shows we will strut our illustrative stuff through the use of:

  • dummy books; mock-ups of our future books
  • prints of some of our best images
  • postcards, business cards
  • large character cut-outs to selfie with (oh yeah)
  • and many more.

Our graduation shows will mark the end of our studies but just the beginning of our exciting next steps into the world of children's book illustration.  

About donations and postage:

Any donations would be greatly appreciated.  If you donate £10 or more and would like to receive one of our Amazing 'Animalliterations!' Books as a reward, please be sure to click on the rewards option and to indicate the number of books you require when you pledge. (Worldwide postage is included)  

We aim to post the books between the 19th and 22nd December, but we cannot guarantee an exact arrival date.  We can however guarantee that they'll be sent to you with our warmest wishes and sincerest thanks.

About the book:

What do you get if you cross a fearless fox, a playful pangolin and a whole horde of gesturing, gymnastic giraffes?  Why, a book of AMAZING ANIMALLITERATIONS, of course! An alliterated almanac full of fun phrases and assorted animal antics. Devised, illustrated, designed and edited by the 2020 part-time graduating class on the Cambridge School of Art Children’s Book Illustration MA programme, it is possibly the only book in existence that invites you to croon along with a cat choir, lurk with leopards among lush leaves and zig zag with zebras across Zanzibar - and that’s before we even get to the tardigrades …  

About alliteration: 

Alliteration is counted as a form of rhyme, and rhyme, rhythm and repetition are all seen as keyways in which children learn to engage with language.   Each part-time student has therefore chosen to have some fun, on this collaborative fundraising project, by illustrating an animal and alliterative phrase of their choice. We hope that children and anyone young at heart will really enjoy our book, crammed with word play and visual variety. 

Many thanks and best wishes from,

27 super grateful MA students


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

'Amazing Animalliterations!' Book

One copy of our Amazing 'Animalliterations!' Books (for every £10 donated). Worldwide Postage included.

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