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We need your help to fight climate change.

Help projects in Cornwall take climate action by donating funds that will make their ideas a reality.

Crowdfunder and Cornwall Council have teamed up to support brilliant projects which are tackling climate change in the county. Will you join us?

Simply pledge on our Love Where You Are campaign and help them tackle the climate emergency by making their ideas a reality.

Cornwall Council has already pledged £200,000 match funding for climate action projects in Cornwall and with your help we can continue this support in the years to come. You can also donate directly to any of the projects below.

So please, join Cornwall’s fight against climate change and pledge to support projects combating climate change in the Cornwall we love!

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Donate to the fund 

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Funding the great ideas that are making Cornwall greener 

Make a donation to this fund and we will continue to support projects that are working towards a carbon neutral Cornwall.

You can donate any amount directly to the fund above. Projects can then apply to the fund and if eligible will receive a share to make their great idea happen and help Cornwall to tackle Climate Change.

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Projects making a difference in Cornwall

Share the love by putting up our poster!

Download and print your own QR code poster, which you can put in your window at home or on a local notice board to encourage more people to support and donate.

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Have you got a great idea that needs funding?

We have thousands of pounds in match funding available for projects that really want to make a positive difference in Cornwall. Take a look and see if you're eligible.

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