Looked-After Children and Young People’s Future

by Celeste Taylor in Wellingborough, England, United Kingdom

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The aim is to provide Looked-after children and young people with a brighter future, and prevent access to unsuitable accommodation.

by Celeste Taylor in Wellingborough, England, United Kingdom

About The Service

The Place Like A Home CIC will be a 4 bedroom house in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, and will be used as an emergency home for looked after children and young people between the age of 8 to 18 years old.

The home will provide the children and young people with a welcoming, friendly and family environment in an emergency situation, long term support from the manager along with effective support so that they will achieve a brighter future in education, employment, independence and healthy and safe living.

Why Choose An Emergency Children's Home?

The reason why the focus is on an emergency children's home is to prevent children and young people from spending different nights at different homes, being placed miles away from their home or in an unsuitable accommodation such as bed and breakfast during an unsettling and frightening situation. The home will also provide Looked-after children and young people with the needed skills to have a successful childhood and adulthood.

The Idea behind the Emergency Children’s Home And What Makes It Different?

The Place Like A Home CIC idea was developed from research highlighting that there was no Ofsted registered emergency home within Northamptonshire nor East Midlands, and that children and young people were having to move to different homes every one or two nights in an unplanned emergency situation. 

What makes the Place Like A Home CIC different from other Children’s home is that the focus is not about making a profit but to help county council save money, provide effective support to the children and young people as their well-being is very important and we are all aware that children and young people within the care system are more likely to be vulnerable, exploited, disengaged with education and involved in the youth justice system.

Who Will Operate The Home

Celeste Taylor the Founder will manage the home, and she is a recent graduate from the BA Childhood and Youth studies. She has academic knowledge and has observed Leadership and Management, has experience working in a Youth Center, Pupil Referral Unit and the Youth Offending Service. Celeste has worked with children and young people for 7 years as a Support Worker within the community with Special Educational Needs children and young people who display multiple disabilities; in Primary Schools and Alternative Education provisions as a Behavior Teaching Assistant; and a Volunteer Mentor with adult offenders. During Celeste's childhood she was a troubled young person, and from the age of 12 to 16 she became disengaged with education, was displaying disruptive and challenging behaviours and was an at-risk young person, she also became a young mum at the age of 17 and at the age of 30 graduated from The University Of Northampton.

There will also be a team of up to 11 workers who will share the same passion as Celeste, hold a level 3 Children and Young People Workforce qualification and will have 1 year experience working with children and young people.

What Is The Journey Behind The Place Like A Home CIC?

The Journey began in February 2017 when a Social Enterprise presentation had to be created on a service for children and young people for a university module, and after reading an article that highlighted a young person “wanted to feel like they was living in a home and not an institution” provided the idea of focusing on something that can be turned into reality.

 When Will The Place Like A Home CIC Be Available?

To get The Place Like A Home CIC up and running, support from the wider community and organisations will be needed to raise the £68, 500  for the start-up cost. The money will be used for a deposit on the house, pay 6 months of the mortgage and utility bills, buy furniture, pay for an Ofsted inspection, staff training and 1 month staff salary, which will enable the home to be available and in operation by early May 2018.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more


For every person and organisation that donates, will have their name printed on the certificate that will be displayed on the wall inside the home.

Let's make 'Looked-After Children and Young People’s Future' happen