Longlands Roundhouse Build

Longlands is building a unique, eco friendly Roundhouse that will transform our facilities for vulnerable young people

We did it!

On 27th Jul 2018 we successfully raised £9,805 with 51 supporters in 50 days
We're currently 6th place in the M&S Energy Fund 2018 - Most supporters
We're currently 3rd place in the M&S Energy Fund 2018 - Most raised

Kit Harington, our patron, is helping Longlands  to raise funds for a new base. We have already changed the lives of many vulnerable young people – your pledges will enable us to support many more. 

Who we are and what we do:

Longlands is a registered charity based on a working livestock farm. Our students have struggled in mainstream school: some have been excluded, many have faced challenges with mental health issues or difficult backgrounds. At Longlands, they work alongside our staff and volunteers developing skills with animals and farm work that lead to real qualifications, allowing them to go on to further education and/or employment. They gain confidence, learn to trust, and improve their communication and social skills.  Our inspirational CEO, Julia Evans, won the BBC Countryfile Farming Hero award in 2016 for her innovative work with disadvantaged young people.

A's story:

"I was thrown out of school when  I was 13.  There was a lot of drugs when I was growing up, and violence.   I was doing drugs at the age of 13.   I was doing class A drugs at 14 years old.  I could have carried on down that route.  I had a girl who I was at school with, the same age as me, and she was involved in a drugs case and nearly got three years in prison.  And  you get stuck in that rut, and if you stay in that environment it becomes normal. 

Longlands was my escape route.  It gives you a break.  You just want someone to show you that there is a life outside of what your life is.  You can’t push a 13 year old kid.    But I definitely think you can show them that there is a life outside what they are doing.  They might not choose to follow it now, but just showing them that there is a life shows them there is a path.  It clears the path.  Definitely.  That’s what saved me. 

Julia was . . .   Julia was Julia.  The horses are great but it’s the people around horses that are the thing.  She’s just very open, and she’ll listen.   And she doesn’t judge.

I then dropped my days here to one day a week and I got some GCSE’s.  It was because Julia got me back on track that I could do it."

Our Roundhouse project

As the number of young people we work with has increased, we have outgrown our base. In order to continue providing services and opportunities to the young people already at Longlands, as well as allowing us to offer more places, we are raising money for a new, all purpose building. 

This new  'Roundhouse'  will provide a nurturing environment for our students to study in. There will be a kitchen and eating area where the young people will be able to partake in cooking activities and come together to share a meal during the day. 

The Roundhouse will also give us quiet, calm space to be able to work with our students on a one to one basis. 

 The Roundhouse itself will be a unique, eco-friendly structure that will offer the space, comfort and facilities much needed to carry out Longlands' work. The building has been designed to keep in character with the local landscape and  will be constructed using natural materials.  

The walls and roof will use locally sources Straw Bales for insulation and be finished using Cob from the site. We will have a wood burner for heat and the project will also incorporate a "Tree Bog" that was recently designed and built by the students at Longlands. It was made completely from recycled materials, including pallets, oven doors for windows, waste sheep wool for insulation and rafters from fallen trees. Inside they used recycled water tank, sink and taps. With willow tree whips cut from the farm and planted around the outside for the roots to absorb the waste.

The plans themselves have been drawn up and planning permission agreed, all that's left now is the build!

What will your money fund?

All of the money raised by you will go towards the cost of the materials and labour to build the roundhouse.  Please pledge what you are able and share this page as widely as you can to get our Roundhouse off the ground! And in return, we have some wonderful rewards, including the chance for a private dinner with Kit Harington! 

Learn more about us and our work

You can learn more about us at www.longlandsfarm.org.uk 

Charity number: 1163084

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