Let's Get Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil Back to Work

by Philip Hyland in Stamford, England, United Kingdom

Let's Get Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil Back to Work
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To raise funds to meet legal costs: 1. For the best legal representation at my GMC Hearing. 2. To seek legal advice on the High Court Order

by Philip Hyland in Stamford, England, United Kingdom

1. I was working as a Consultant General Surgeon in North Manchester General Hospital when I was suspended on 22/04/2020 by the Trust with immediate effect. There was no investigation into my social media video which suggested that the political response to the coronavirus would have far reaching impacts on the World's health, including the patients of the NHS and the economic impact would also harm many people's health. I expressed concerns about the reliability of the PCR test as well as expressed a view as to who would benefit from the declaration of the pandemic. Nothing I said has been shown to be untrue.

2. I had no clinical issues , or patient related complaints or negligence . 

I had 30 years of unblemished service as an employee of NHS in U.K. 

3. On 25th May I received a letter from the GMC for an Interim Orders Tribunal [IOT] Hearing on 01/06/2020 which came as a shock . My three requests for an adjournment were refused by the GMC .

4. On 01/06/2020 , I attended an IOT hearing of the GMC. I then received a GMC bundle consisting of 247 pages. I was told to go through it in 90 minutes which I found extremely distressing . GMC suspended my licence to practice on the same day for 12 months. 

5. My 3 appeals for early review were rejected . 

6.There was another IOT hearing on 20/11/2020 but my suspension order was maintained 

7. A further video hearing was held in April 2021 but my suspension order was maintained . 

8. The GMC applied to the High Court in Manchester for a further extension for 12 months of my suspension order. 

9. This was granted by the High Court on 25/05/2021  unilaterally without my presence or right of expression and arguments . I had a Mckenzie friend Dr David Halpin who also wanted to talk to the court but was not engaged by the court in spite of a court promise as I was not sent any link by the court , login details or password to participate in the hearing over video with Mr Justice Davies . An order was made without my representations.

I did my best to participate in the court hearing via phone and emails but was unable to join. 

10. Judge Mr Davies left an option for me to ring him to set aside the court order unofficially on that day or apply to the High Court for setting aside the court verdict afterwards against GMC . I was unable to get through the Court on the same day. 

11. After a couple of weeks GMC made a decision on the papers to refer me to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service [MPTS] for a hearing most likely over video on 17/08/2021 . 

My primary concern is to obtain justice and get myself back to work and in so doing strike a blow on behalf of all clinicians who raise concerns about public health policy.1627297532_justice_for_adil.jpg

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