Getting to the next step

by Seven Hex in United Kingdom

Getting to the next step
We did it
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I'm not a wealthy person, and my situation is actually pretty grim. I've a lot of challenges right now, but a helluva lot still to do.

by Seven Hex in United Kingdom

So I got involved in the Gender War a year last October, and have committed myself to helping find a solution to bring it to an end. This invariably involved bring various groups together to hammer out what that solution might realistically look like, and finding ways of implementing it.

My ultimate obective is to form a Transsexual Advocacy Group tasked with working with groups, political parties, sports associations and others, to identify and develop strategies for resolving the current social crisis that is impacting not only us, but also women and girls - who are still fighting for their own liberation.

However, since the middle of last year my own situation has become precarious: I've been homeless for the third time, and Universal Credit is killing me...

I've a lot to do - well, I certainly feel I've a lot more to contribute - but rely heavily on others just to get through.

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