Sanctuary Scholars Legal Fund Run

Sanctuary Scholars Legal Fund Run


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Sarah Thacker

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Started on 21st November 2020 Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Sanctuary Scholars are students living in the UK from refugee and asylum-seeking background who have received a scholarship from the university. These students can find themselves facing study bans from the Home Office or ongoing asylum claims which have associated legal fees. Currently the average living cost for a student in Bristol is up to £14,500 per year and the scholarship just meets this figure. The Sanctuary Scholarship also disqualifies students from applying for legal aid in most cases as the individual has to meet specific criteria. Last academic year, there were multiple cases of Sanctuary Scholars at Bristol dropping out of studies or taking loans to pay for their ongoing Asylum Claims. This culminated in the Home Office's decision in Summer to place a Study Ban on two sanctuary scholars, who were forced to rely on crowdfunding and free legal representation secured by a Law professor to appeal their cases. Students from Bristol SU’s Amnesty International and STAR (Student Action for Refugees) have combined forces with Bristol Students’ Union to set up a new Sanctuary Scholar Legal Fund of £25,000 which will be accessible by Sanctuary Scholars who don’t qualify for legal aid for any legal costs they may incur relating to their immigration status. This year our aim is to raise £12.5k in collaboration with Amnesty, and then have it doubled by a law firm/business.


We will be running a collective distance of 3,888km in 2 weeks between members of the University of Bristol Amnesty International Society, University of Bristol Ladies Hockey Club and anyone else who wants to be involved. This is an estimate of a refugee/asylum seekers journey from when they are displaced from their home to arriving in the UK. Thousands of men, women and children tackle treacherous journeys from the Middle East and Northern Africa across the Mediterranean sea as they are forcibly displaced from their homes in order to seek safety and security for their family. Our run is in solidarity with all those who have been forcibly displaced through war and insecurity with hopes of a better life, and to those who have died and suffered trying. 

Please donate anything you can to the Sanctuary Scholarship Fund to allow refugee and asylum seeking students at Bristol University the right to their education. Thank you!


If you would like to join in the run, just join this Facebook group! 


Here are some links to further information about the fund:


Mia Foster commented

well done for getting that sports kit on x

19th December 2020 at 10:24am
Mia Foster pledged £15
19th December 2020 at 10:24am
Siobhan Keeling commented

Well done Imo xxx

11th December 2020 at 2:34pm
Siobhan Keeling pledged £20 + an est. £5.00 in Gift Aid
11th December 2020 at 2:33pm
Sarah Thacker commented

Lookout for the rabbit holes Rachael. Good luck. X

10th December 2020 at 8:59pm
Sarah Thacker pledged £25 + an est. £6.25 in Gift Aid
10th December 2020 at 8:57pm
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6th December 2020 at 10:46am
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4th December 2020 at 5:32pm
Patrick Collins commented

Good luck Imo and everyone who's running. Such a good cause

30th November 2020 at 11:41am
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30th November 2020 at 11:40am

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