Legal advice needed about social media harassment

by in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Legal advice needed about social media harassment
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To pay for specialist advice about taking legal action about harassment on social media.

by in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Twitter has been an amazing force for good - enabling me to share information and news that I would never otherwise have known. I  have met on line some great people. But there is a serious dark side. A number of people on this platform who act to silence others, who abuse, harass and terrify with apparent impunity.  Who publish private details and photographs on line and who make malicious complaints to other agencies. 

Twitter will not enforce its own rules against them. It seems that the police will not act even when their behaviour becomes arguably criminal. I want to explore what legal remedies are available to individuals, either to act against Twitter itself for failing to enforce its own rules, or against the individuals who are using this platform to silence and harass others. 

Legal action is notoriously expensive and if I lose, I am at risk of paying the other side's legal costs. So I need to get some good advice before making any decisions about the next steps. I can't afford to pay for legal advice without some help. I would be really grateful for whatever you could spare. I will keep a very careful account of where the money goes and I will keep you updated and informed about any next steps that I take, which may include making an application to court.

If I meet my target by the end of November 2017 I will contact a specialist media law barrister to ask for advice about what are our legal remedies in this situation and how best to enforce them. I think that we could all benefit from clarity about how we enforce our rights not to be harassed and abused on a platform that ought to be about promoting people to be heard, not allowing a minority to take over and bully or coerce others into silence. 

If I don't meet my target, I will donate any money raised to the Lucy Faithful Foundation, a charity that works to prevent sexual abuse of children.

If you do donate, you may wish to consider doing so anonymously, due to the risk that you may be targeted by certain individuals if you are seen to support this campaign. 

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