Left Foot Forward: Let's build a better media

by Josiah Mortimer in London, England, United Kingdom


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The Right have deep pockets to steer the debate in Britain. Now's your chance to turn the tide. Together, we can build a better media.

by Josiah Mortimer in London, England, United Kingdom

Ten years ago, Left Foot Forward, the home for independent, progressive journalism, was born. Since then, more than 1,200 contributors (and growing) have built a platform for hard-hitting, evidence-based analysis of British politics.

We've reached millions of people with our stories. Over the past couple of years alone we've:

We can’t keep doing this without raising £10,000. The truth is, running a progressive media outlet is hard to sustain. 

We aren’t backed by powerful figures like Rupert Murdoch. What keeps us going is our readers and contributors. We urgently need to raise £10,000 or we won’t be able to keep our fight for a better media alive. 

Please donate £10 or £20 today to support another 10 years of independent journalism. 

Your support will mean we can:

  • Keep reporting from the frontlines of campaigning 
  • Maintain Left Foot Forward as a platform of open, progressive debate
  • Hold the right’s feet to the fire through fresh commentary and analysis
  • Keep paying our small team a living wage and continue to grow

We want to be ambitious - to not just keep LFF going as a leading news and comment site, but to become a force to be reckoned with. 

Help us build a better media. Together, we can do this. 


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