LAUTER Bottleshop + Brewspace

by Lucy Jeffery + Simon Pipola in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 24th November 2020 we successfully raised £16,253 with 197 supporters in 28 days

We're here to launch LAUTER, a Bottleshop + Brewspace, offering you the chance to buy, brew and experience super fresh, quality beer.

by Lucy Jeffery + Simon Pipola in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We hit our £10K target so we will offer the chance to double your money for double the reward. We're turning our amazing MIX SIX v1. launch edition into a Twelve-pack! A further six unique, amazing beers. Get your MIX-SIX v2. now - still free shipping, still the freshest, best quality beer we could get our hands on!

If we then hit £20K we have something extra special in mind...

MIX-SIX v2. Beers


MIX-SIX v1. Beers - * SOLD OUT

Beer 1 - BOXCAR BREWERY // Dual Position - 6.0% IPA // Cryo Loral + Amarillo

Beer 2 - VERDANT BREWING CO. + DEYA BREWING COMPANY // Degrees - 8.0% DIPA // Amarillo + Loral hops in the whirlpool and a punchy double-dry-hop of Citra + Simcoe.

Beer 3 - ELUSIVE BREWING // Oregon Trail - 5.8% West Coast Pale // lots of Simcoe, Chinook + Columbus for a classic take on the West Coast IPA style

Beer 4 - TRACK BREWING CO. // Marginal Gains - 6.0% BLUEBERRY + COCONUT SOUR // Loaded with 300kg of blueberries. 

Beer 5 - BURNT MILL BREWERY // Cascadian Rhythm - 6.4% BIPA // Slightly caramelised, spicy and dark base while restrained on roast character w/ a deliciously chewy, dank, piney, floral hop bill.

Beer 6 - PIPELINE // Oregon Trail - 5.8% West Coast Pale // lots of Simcoe, Chinook + Columbus for a classic take on the West Coast IPA style

LAUTER Bottleshop + Brewspace

Who's behind LAUTER, then?

Hi. We are Lucy + Simon, two friends who've always dreamt of opening a shop together focusing on our great shared passion: beer! 

For us, LAUTER has been a long time coming. We’ve both been passionate about beer long before what some call the ‘Craft Beer Revolution’. Our careers in hospitality and the beer scene span over a decade. Back in 2010 when alongside one another we were managing pubs and craft beer venues, we would often talk about opening a business of our own; something that combined our shared skills and individual strengths. With the launch of LAUTER, we hope to do just that. 

A few years ago Lucy moved to Falmouth where she began running an acclaimed local craft beer bar + bottleshop. From there, she became an original employee of Verdant Brew Co., one of the most successful and popular breweries in the UK. Her time at Verdant has been an in-depth, never-ending education into what makes world-class beer. 

Simon has run pubs for 15 years, and before moving to Cornwall worked at London’s largest taproom and bottleshop (Beer Merchants Tap). His role there saw him organise a range of events from beer festivals and bottleshop pop-ups, to educational courses and tasting evenings. Many of these events were shaped by his great passion: homebrewing. In 2017 he launched BREWCON London, the largest beer and brewing conference + expo in the UK, now in its fourth year. Simon is a passionate beer educator, and is proud to be one of UK’s foremost homebrewing community organisers.

Falmouth's growing status as a hot-spot for both craft and traditional beer makes it the natural place to launch LAUTER. Whilst Lucy will continue working at the brewery, Simon will focus his time on running the shop and bringing some exciting new beer events to this beautiful corner of the UK.


                               limited edition LAUTER print by artist Cressida Djambov

Our Offering

All of the beers stocked at LAUTER will be:

  • extremely fresh, listed by packaging date
  • cold stored 
  • sourced direct from the best breweries in the UK 
  • available with next day delivery as standard

With a sizeable range of brewing ingredients and equipment also available, LAUTER will be a one-stop-shop for all your fresh beer and brewing needs, both in store and online.

For all your brewing needs:

  • LAUTER's range of collaboration all-grain homebrew kits, available in 20l and 5l batch sizes, developed with leading breweries and award-winning homebrewers
  • A wide variety of malt, grain and hops from the UK's best suppliers
  • All-In-one brewing systems, FVs and other homebrew essentials

1603626411_1603626407643.png                       Expect cold beer, fresh ingredients, tasting events + more

Our Goals

Our central aim in opening a bottleshop + brewspace is to create a beautiful and welcoming space for everyone from the newly-curious to the beer aficionado. We want to pay back our years of experience in the beer industry, customer service, and business management; providing the freshest beers in the UK and teaching the joys of brewing it yourself. 

Whilst a significant percentage of craft beer and homebrewing sales have moved online (where we will also have a strong presence), there is still real demand for a more personable, tailored, and knowledgeable buying experience. LAUTER will fulfil both a current, local need for a quality beer offering and provide the engaged community with exciting new beer and brewing experiences. 

How will we spend the money raised on Crowdfunder?

So far we have invested a fair amount of time and money into getting to this step, now we need a little help, We have found a site for the shop and hope to sign the lease within the next two weeks. Once we have the keys we will start a substantial refit of the space, developing the shop into a welcoming, cosy, warm space. Your funds will us build LAUTER into so much more than just a simple beer shop.

- We aim to stock beer from as many of the UK's leading breweries as we can, and when we open the doors we wish to have our fridges fully stocked, your MIX SIX six-pack pledges will help us do so.

- As prolific homebrewers we have been developing recipes for years. We will open LAUTER with a great selection of both our own and collaboration 20 litre + 5 litre kits. We aim to use the funds from all the 20l Recipe Kit + Brewery Start UP pledges to continue working on these collaborations.

- Over the past five years Simon has taught over 150 homebrew courses, in London, Brighton and even in Falmouth (at the sorely missed Hand Bar). The funds from the Brewschool pledges will help us build two beautiful, high efficiency yet easy to use brew stations on site. We will use these to teach homebrew courses and, down the line, make them available to hire for all aspiring master brewers out there!


What can we expect in 2021?

When we can safely do so we plan to open a tasting space within LAUTER, so you can come and enjoy super fresh beer straight from the taps. This will also give us a space to hold a plethora of beer and brewing events, from Meet The Brewers, beer and wine tastings, beer judging and other educational courses. 

Well, thanks for reading this far, hopefully we've kindled your interest, and you're keen to help us get the doors open!

We can't wait to welcome you all to LAUTER.

Lucy + Simon


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£30 or more

11 of 12 claimed

STRETCH - MIX SIX v2. Six-pack

One six-pack not enough? Of course it isn't. We had so many beers we wanted to put into our launch offer we just had to do a second MIX-SIX. We'll give you 24hrs to reserve your MIX-SIX v2. before we announce what the beers are. Do you trust us?

£3 or more

LAUTER Sticker + thank you postcard

Get yourself a lovely vinyl sticker for your mash tun / Macbook / child's forehead plus a handwritten thank you note from Lucy + Pips.

£15 or more

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LAUTER T-shirt

Like the look of either t-shirt in the video? Grab yourself one and proudly show your support around town. Remember - the only thing fresher than our beer is our Merch!

£15 or more

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STRETCH - LAUTER Embroidered Beechfield Cap

As promised we've order a super limited quantity of Beechfield Heavy Brushed cotton LAUTER caps! Half of them are for Pips, the other half are up for grabs!

£30 or more

40 of 48 claimed

LAUTER 'Thank You' Party Invite

Once we're allowed we'd love to invite you to join us for a knees up - where the beer will be on us! Every party invite includes a beautiful limited run A3 print by the amazing illustrator Cressida Djambov. Did we mention the beer will be on us? (Dates TBC + in line with local guidance + if you can't make the event we'll send a few beers your way instead)

£30 or more

4 of 12 claimed

YONDER X LAUTER Modern Bitter - 20l recipe kit

Treat yourself to a limited edition 20 litre All-grain recipe kit, put together with our good friends at YONDER. A modern reinterpretation of the classic Bitter, brewed with Kveik yeast and Endeavour, Boadicea, Bramling X, and UK Cascade hops. Crisp, with a hint of dried fruit and a subtle nuttiness. (Shipping included - UK only)

£30 or more

5 of 12 claimed

BOXCAR X LAUTER Dark Mild - 20l recipe kit

Our good friends at BOXCAR are knocking out some phenomenal examples of what is often considered traditional, British beer. The Dark Mild is perhaps the finest. This 20l all-grain recipe batch captures the rich, dark + full-bodied, the chocolate, coffee and caramel from the malts give a highly drinkable complexity. (Shipping included - UK only)

£38 or more

6 of 12 claimed

VERDANT X LAUTER Ipa - 20l recipe kit

Verdant, where Lucy proudly works, are a very well known brewery, producing world class IPAs + pales, amongst other styles. Alongside the rest of the brewing team Lucy has put together a beautiful new all-grain IPA recipe. Juicy, soft, with a lingering bitterness its extremely moreish. (Shipping included - UK only)

£50 or more

14 of 24 claimed

LAUTER Brewschool for two

Looking for a great day out with your loved one / parent / child / best buddy? From January we will be launching our on-site brewschool. A four hour brew day + beer tasting, hosted by Simon, with lunch included and a 5 litre demijohn of beer to take home at the end. Each duo will be paired with just one other duo for the day (usual price will be £50 per person). FYI - it makes a great Christmas present.

£90 or more

2 of 12 claimed

All three LAUTER X COLLAB - 20l recipe kits

Get your next three brewdays sorted with all three of our collaboration kits. With all-grain recipes from Boxcar, Yonder & Verdant you'll be in good hands and have plenty of beer to see you through the end of the year! (Shipping included - UK only)

£100 or more

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Private LAUTER Brewschool for four

From January we will be launching our on-site brewschool. A four hour brew day + beer tasting, hosted by Simon, with lunch included + a 5 litre demijohn of beer to take home at the end. Each group of four will have a private brewday just for them (usual price will be £50 per person, it's a bargain!)

£240 or more

1 of 12 claimed

'Start Up Brewery' plus all three 20l Collab Kits

Get yourself everything you need to set up your own personal Microbrewery, including all three of our limited edition Collaboration Recipe Kits!

£400 or more

1 of 6 claimed

Business Sponsorship + Tasting

We will supply your business with an on site bespoke beer tasting / brewday experience for your staff / customers. The event will be tailored exactly to your needs.

£30 or more

89 of 89 claimed

‘MIX SIX’ Six-pack of fresh, great beer

The 'MIX SIX’ will be our cornerstone offering. Every Tuesday LAUTER's online store will offer a six pack of the highest quality, freshest and most interesting beers we can source from across the country, for just £30. The MIX SIX 01. will be an extra special edition with six truly phenomenal beers, that we will announce throughout the Crowdfunder. And for this time only: Shipping is on us!

£120 or more

8 of 8 claimed

‘MIX SIX’ Full case of 24 cans

Grab yourself any four of our weekly 'MIX SIX' six packs, between now + April. Featuring only the best in modern British beer, always super fresh, always super tasty. Get four different packs, or four of the same - up to you. (Shipping included - UK only)

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