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Help us raise funds to provide refurbished laptops for school children in the Wigan Borough who can not access remote learning.

by Versa Collective in Leigh, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With more money will will be able to continue refurbishing laptops and provide even more children and young people in the Wigan Borough with access to a laptop to support their learning.

On average every £50 we raise will result in a refurbished laptop being given to a Wigan borough school, so it can go to a child or young person who needs it the most, to support their learning at home.

Every penny counts, the more we raise the more children and young people we can support across the borough.

With the second national schools closure in January 21 there was an increasing expectation that schools should be providing learning online for all children. Whilst most have adapted well to remote learning, many challenges still exist. Concerns have been raised about a digital divide amongst children, with many being unable to access a device in their home. This is excluding them from accessing education and putting them at risk of falling behind their peers.

So the need for access to a laptop is more important than ever!

It is vital that the resources are in place to support the families who are struggling the most during these difficult times.

A significant number of children do not have a computer at home, meaning they cannot access lessons and online resources, support from their teachers or interact with their friends. Many children are having to learn on a mobile phone and this is not a suitable way for them to engage with learning as it is very limited in how they can interact. Other children are having to share devices with multiple siblings which is putting additional stress on families with no structured routines, clashes in lessons and pressure to fit it all in on time.

How you can help

1. Donate towards our fundraising campaign - this will help us to buy the parts needed to refurbish donated laptops and get them out to schools.

2. Donate laptops - any age laptop can be donated, it doesn't matter how old or if it is broken. All data will be destroyed. If your laptop is faulty it can still be used for spare parts. Visit the website to check out local drop off points or to arrange collection.

3. Donate your time - if you're interested in learning about the basics, installing operating systems or you just like fixing things and you've got some spare time get in touch 

How your donation will be used

This project is working in partnership with local businesses to ensure that children and young people in the borough have the devices they need to be able to access remote learning during the pandemic.

Your donation will be used to buy the parts needed to refurbish donated laptops so they can be sent to schools and distributed to the children who need them the most.

Over the past few weeks there has been a call for people to donate their old and unused laptops and chargers. So far over 100 laptops have been donated and a number of local businesses have offered to refurbish them free of charge. This fundraiser is to raise money for the parts needed to get the laptops refurbished and fit for purpose, so they are suitable to give to the children. Due to data protection all hard drives will be replaced with a brand new SSD.

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