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Help us bring Ladybones to Edinburgh Fringe Festival 31st July - 26th August 2019

by Sorcha McCaffrey in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Video transcript

Hello! I'm Sorcha, the writer and performer of Ladybones, a new show about OCD and archaeology. After an exciting run in London we are taking Ladybones to this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival and we need your help to get there.

I've had OCD since I was five, but I wasn't diagnosed until I was twenty. We wanted to make this show to raise awareness about what OCD is really like and to show that people are more than just their condition or disability. Ladybones is a fresh and funny story and if you can spare a quid, or a fiver, or a tenner, or a grand if you're absolutely rolling in it, then please do.

Raising this money will allow us to make sure that our creative team is fairly paid, that the show is developed ready to go to Edinburgh and that we can make the show more accessible by providing captioned performances for D/deaf and hard of hearing audiences. By supporting us you are helping to raise awareness about mental health and OCD.

Thanks for helping us make this possible. Back to the dig!


Ladybones is a funny and moving interactive solo show about OCD, dungarees and being weird but not a weirdo. It follows Nuala, an archaeologist, on her journey with mental illness and recovery. We are taking Ladybones to the Edinburgh Fringe, the worlds largest arts festival. And to do this, we need your help (yes you!) By supporting Ladybones, you are helping to raise awareness about mental health and OCD.

Digging up a story

I’ve had OCD since I was tiny, but wasn’t diagnosed until I was 20. I was relieved that this tangled and frightening experience was something that could be understood, but daunted that I had to deal with it. A charity called OCD-UK helped me find support, and they are now partnering with us for this show. Ladybones came about from wanting to truthfully explore what it’s like living with OCD. I wanted to make a piece of theatre that showed people as more than just their condition or disability. It started as a little dig in the dirt, and thanks to the collaboration and support of lots of wonderful people, we have excavated a whole play.

Ladybones at VAULT

We took Ladybones to London’s VAULT Festival 2019 and here is what people said:

'Shockingly real... fresh and funny' ★★★★ (BroadwayWorld.com)

'Comic, deep, clever and insightful' ★★★★ (NorthWestEnd.co.uk)

'Genuine and original' ★★★★ (WithinHerWords.co.uk)


Taking a show to the Edinburgh fringe is expensive, and we need your help to raise some of the money. Your funds will be used for:

  • Paying the venue fee  - £2,200
  • Ensuring our creative team are paid fairly for their work -  £2,535 will go towards this
  • Making Ladybones more accessible to D/deaf and hard of hearing audiences by providing two captioned performances -  £265

If you don’t have any money to spare right now, please share this so it can reach other people! 

You can also support us by coming to see the show. Tickets for Ladybones

Dates 31st July - 26th August 2019 (not 12,19)

Time 11.25am (1 hr)

Venue Pleasance Below - Pleasance Courtyard, 60 Pleasance Edinburgh, EH89TJ

Thank you!

Ladybones team

Sorcha McCaffrey, Writer/Performer

Lucia Cox, Director

Holly Ellis, Lighting Designer

Róisín Reynolds, Production Assistant


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