Support UK reforestation projects

by Future Forests Network in United Kingdom

Support UK reforestation projects
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Supporting the efforts of several not for profit organisations, who work tirelessly to plant millions of native trees throughout the UK

by Future Forests Network in United Kingdom

It turns out there's something simple and constructive that we can all do to improve environmental issues, such as plummeting biodiversity, high atmospheric CO2 levels, flooding, erosion and declining species population numbers.

Plant trees. Lots of them. 

In the next three weeks I'll be volunteering with 4 not for profit organisations throughout the UK, whose core aims are to reforest as much of our land as they can. Beyond simply planting I'd like to raise awareness of their work. Ideally someone reading this will end up volunteering. However, not everyone is able to give their time. A donation puts trees in the hands of volunteers who will put them in the ground for you. It is a huge team effort.

Any money donated here will be split between the listed organisations. This will help finance the collection and propagation of seeds, then the planting.

Trees for Life - Dundreggan, Near Loch Ness.

Moor Trees - Dartmoor, Devon.

Treesponsibility - Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

Restoring Hardknott Forest - Duddon Valley, Lake District.

All of these groups operate on a tight budget, so any contribution will be appreciated. A lot of the labour is voluntary. Staff in paid roles are often highly qualified, yet willing to accept low salaries to do this important work.

Even as saplings, trees have a massive effect on soil mechanics, biodiversity, mychorizal networks, carbon capture levels and reducing flood risk. It clearly addresses many of the environmental issues we face currently. This is something that as individuals we can really help with.

Every £5 is enough to get another tree in the ground.

One mature oak can support hundreds of species of animals, plants and fungi. Millions of individuals.

That's a pretty decent way to spend 5 quid! Imagine the impact for 20 or 50 quid!

From where you are right now, you could actually make a really big impact, with any level of donation :)

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