Keep DX's Rollerworld open post coronavirus crisis

by Anne Khan in Colchester, England, United Kingdom


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We are asking for help and support to secure the future of our iconic roller rink, DX's Rollerworld, following the coronavirus crisis.

by Anne Khan in Colchester, England, United Kingdom

Help keep DX's Rollerworld open and secure its future...

DX's Rollerworld was 30 years old in May 2020 in the middle of the government forced lockdown. Due to the restrictions made by the government back in March we had to make the devastating decision to close the doors to our amazing venue, and will be staying closed until at least July, potentially longer.

We have had to put all planned events on hold including our very special 30th Birthday celebrations.  We have instead decided to plan for an amazing birthday party for all those that have missed a birthday celebration whilst in lock down, due to this pandemic. We aim for this to be bigger and better than any other birthday celebration in town, with guest DJ's and entertainers and tons of fun. Our second  All Night Skate we are also now postponing until the Autumn and are planning it now. 

New owners, Anne and Jason, took over this iconic venue only 18 months ago at time of writing, it has been a struggle to keep it going. With a huge amount of effort and hard work, the business was just beginning to be the busy, fun, vibrant, creative, people filled place that they wanted it to be. 

"Like so many small businesses in the UK, we are facing a very unpredictable and potentially a very grave future and we are asking for your help".

Jason said "Bills still must be paid, but now with NO income at all,  it has become increasingly difficult the longer the lock down has gone on and harder still with the social distancing restrictions that are likely to continue for several months. DX's Rollerworld has been closed for more than 8 weeks already, and it will be a number of weeks before we can even start to operate once more, at even a reduced footfall level". 

The team are staying positive and some of our loyal and dedicated staff members have been decorating and cleaning DX's Rollerworld, voluntarily, for when we re-open.  However, without further government support, the cost of keeping DX's Rollerworld open with no income at a cost of just over £5000 each week to simply maintain the venue, is a daunting task. We will need to make provisions and reduce the number of people into the venue at one time when we can re-open, which will also exasperate and extend the need for essential income to keep us open through this and into the future. This is why we are crowd funding for the worst case scenario of  what could be a further 10 weeks of closure, reconstruction and limited income, which would amount to in excess of £50,000. 

DX's Rollerworld is the heart of skating in the UK and is known as the Finest Roller Rink in Europe and in the top 10 rinks in the world. We had started to introduce many events having had some of our most successful this year with our first New Years Eve Party, 80s v 90s reunion in which we had many old skaters from all over the UK return for an amazing night. We also held our first All Night Skate in 2019 with our that attracted skaters from over 15 countries visit us for an amazing and spectacular night.

We would love to be able to raise between £25,000 to £50,000 to help DX's Rollerworld through these tough times and give us another few weeks until we are finally allowed to re-open. 

Anne and Jason have thrown every penny they own into making DX's Rollerworld the success it has been since taking over, including updating the website, tills, cafe menus, party room, skate garden, new lighting, new sound systems and DJ equipment and were hoping to add air conditioning and eco heating throughout the venue to help the carbon footprint and make the summers more enjoyable for all. These plans are now firmly on hold, but with support, they still might happen. 

Put simply: without your generosity and support in these unprecedented times, DX's Rollerworld will NOT survive and Colchester and the UK will lose one of the most iconic roller rinks in the World.

If we can raise the much needed funds, all the money will go into helping DX's Rollerworld through this crisis, it will enable us to pay our bills and help to kick start our re-opening. Any money left over it will go back into the fund for our Air Conditioning and heating project we had planned and so also enable us to introduce roller sports more strongly in the future.

We will be offering many different activities and services for your kind donations  including skating, parties, vouchers and lessons and some new opportunities to name but a few and for those that would like to, or are able to give more - there is something there for you as well. If you would just like to donate that would of course be fantastic.

To all you skate or quasar fans out there, if you can spare a bit a little to help that would be amazing. To all you families that have enjoyed a birthday party, celebrated a special event or just come down for some fun, any money you can spare would be fantastic. DX's Rollerworld needs your help to survive these crazy times.

 See you on the other side. x

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