Kayleigh Daniels Dated – Season 1 completion

by Almaz Ohene in London, England, United Kingdom


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To educate all about their sexuality, bodies and desire and uplift women of colour creatives via the unique kayleighdanielsdated.com website

by Almaz Ohene in London, England, United Kingdom

We currently live in a world where comprehensive sex education is still a long way off in many regions. The stigmatisation of sex-related issues, poor body image and shaming sex-positive behviour, is making things difficult for everyone.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

The ‘Kayleigh Daniels Dated’ web platform provides an important and distinctive new voice to the discourse – one that encourages and normalises free and frank discussion about sexuality.

We want people to be able to have open and honest conversation about all this stuff without embarrassment, stigma or shame.

Its creators play on the concept of 'sex sells' by pairing risqué short stories by creator Almaz Ohene, with 12 informative health features by expert writers.

Kayleigh Daniels is a fictional character whose unapologetically licentious dating exploits are published each month for a year. A theme from each story is developed for its companion piece – written by doctors, therapists and facilitators from the fields of sexual health sex therapy and psychiatry – to demystify the taboos surrounding women's sexuality.

The responsive website features original illustrations by Parys Gardener and iconography by Nat Mortimer, along with carefully curated social media channels.

Kayleigh Daniels Dated in the press

“Web platform Kayleigh Daniels Dated is the new way to immerse yourself into refreshing, realistic and relatable stories on all things dating, sex and relationships.” Beth Fuller, Noa Vee, September 2018

 “Women of colour-generated stories about the sex lives of women of colour are few and far between. Award-winning copywriter Almaz Ohene has decided to buck the trend with her daring sexual health platform”, Joy Francis, Words of Colour, October 2018

 “It’s also an opportunity to break the stigma around black women who are dating. A somewhat over-told, perspective includes the sexualisation and fetishism of black women, with their partners perhaps fitting a certain stereotype. But all of Kayleigh’s pursuits are a variety of different physical and socio-economic types.” Rochelle Thomas, Reform The Funk, September 2018

“The erotic descriptions are elegant and hot, and the outlines of the sex are exquisite and delicate”, Abby, A Day Magazine, January 2019

 “Writing erotic fiction helps poet Almaz Ohene feel more present in her own body”, Sirin Kale, Broadly, January 2019

What we have achieved so far

And we hosted an event with 40+ guests and 10 crew to showcase the work of other women of colour, who are also creating on their own terms.

So, what’s next?

Our vision is to educate everyone about their sexuality, bodies and desires. And to uplift the work of as many women of colour as possible, by commissioning lots of us to take on a range of roles within the project – from illustration to expert health consultation.

Momentum for Kayleigh Daniels Dated is growing. 

To date, the project has been self-funded by Almaz Ohene, however, in order to deliver the next five months of content, we need the financial backing of individual supporters to complete this season’s full content cycle of 24 pieces.



  • A6 Kayleigh Daniels Dated notebook with cover designed by Nat Mortimer

 £50, the above, plus:

  • A6 Kayleigh Daniels Dated notebook set with dates illustration covers by Parys Gardener

 £100, the above, plus:

  • Tote bag set with dates illustrations by Parys Gardener

 £250, the above, plus:

  • iPhone cover with dates illustrations by Parys Gardener

£500, the above, plus:

  • A downloadable audio recording of a dating story, read by Almaz Ohene
  • Exclusive original A2 wall art poster of dates illustration by Parys Gardener

£1,000, the above, plus:

  • A personal thank you credit on the home webpage, for example: ‘This month was made possible thanks to [xxx]/an anonymous donor’

£2,500, all of the above, plus:

  • Your own bespoke dating story, written by Almaz Ohene, and commissioned in consultation with you, so that you can have input into the plot

With your help, we’ll be able to complete Kayleigh Daniels Dated Season 1 (and start planning for Season 2!)

So please, please, pledge your support as it’s vital for us to continue reaching people like you and me, to educate everyone about their sexuality, desires and bodies.

For further information and to discuss your personal support of the project, please contact, Almaz Ohene, Creative Director, Kayleigh Daniels Dated.

Email: hello@kayleighdanielsdated.com  

Thank you!

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