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Help Katumba & our community get a new van so we can continue to bring our rhythms and positivity to people’s lives up and down the country!

We did it!

On 15th Jul 2018 we successfully raised £3,220 with 65 supporters in 56 days

Our trusty van, which delivers us and our hefty collection of drums to community rehearsals, youth  workshops, performances and charity fundraisers is now in need of major and immediate repair. 

As a not for profit organisation, all our income is reinvested back into the project, and whilst we have £5,000 in our reserves to cover it, the total price it's still not enough to cover the price of a second hand van! 

Unfortunately the cost of repair far exceeds the value of the van now, and likely to need further repairs in the near future so, fixing it would be a huge false economy!

  Without our van, sadly we cannot continue to function. But with your help, we can keep on doing it! 

Why should you help you say? ?


pic by David Ellison

Born and grown in Liverpool, Katumba is passionate about making a positive impact in the local community:

  • Improving the health & wellbeing of our 100+ members on a weekly basis with an activity that has been scientifically proven to improve physical and mental wellbeing
  • Performing & helping fundraise for charities
  • Raising the aspirations of hundreds of children and young people who take part in our school & community workshops (the latter in partnership with Everton in the Community)
  • Delivering our musical therapy sessions to stroke survivors, people living in mental health distress (in partnership with Stroke Association Northwest and Liverpool Mental Health Consortium)

'I suffered a traumatic loss in my family a few years back which left me with panic attacks and on several types of medication. Katumba has given me a family, friends and something to look forward to each week' Anonymous 

Working with Stroke Survivors' on their rehabilitation journey

" it has been incredible! The sessions have helped them (stroke survivors) so much: their memory retention, their cognitive capacity and it's just been so much fun for them!' Kate Charles Stroke Association North west

KATUMBA truly represents what Liverpool is about; welcoming to all, fun, colourful, and full of character. With weekly rehearsals and regular gigs, it’s a great opportunity for members to make friends, learn a new skill, build confidence and become part of a family!

Katumba also commissions massive cultural projects involving loads of artists/performers in the city which has a truly multicultural impact in Liverpool-while also spearheading projects abroad  which capacitate local artists in bringing  new skills and ideas to Liverpool! We have developed activities in Brazil, Spain and Holland, and on a national scope Glasgow, Birmingham, Aberdeen, London, Leeds and Cardiff to name a few.

pic by Mark Lycett Katumba @ Sound City with Bring The Fire Project

If you love live music....

If you love what a positive impact we have on people's lives

If you loves supporting local artists & emerging talent....

If you love Liverpool....

YOU can make a difference!

Help us continue to deliver all the activities that benefit our community by supporting our van fundraiser! 

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