Kambee: Decadent.Delicious.Desserts. For Everyone.

by Dani Zargel in Bedford, England, United Kingdom

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We're on a mission to produce incredible, delicious & yummy desserts that everyone can enjoy with no compromises or nasty ingredients.

by Dani Zargel in Bedford, England, United Kingdom

The Beginning...

Image of our founder, Dani, preparing cheesecakes in the kitchenHi! I'm Dani Zargel, a lifelong vegetarian and the founder & CEO of Kambee. After moving back to the UK having spent 7-years in the US, I decided to follow my foodie passion and create incredible, mouth-watering vegetarian & vegan desserts that were free of refined sugars & all the normal compromises; I found the dessert options available horribly lacking for both vegetarians and vegans. And as a food-loving dad, I wanted to enjoy healthy, delicious desserts with my whole family, but was dismayed by the artificial additives and high sugar levels found in most vegan & vegetarian desserts. Even if I were willing to eat them myself (which, as it turns out, I wasn’t) there was no way I could contemplate feeding my young kids such unnatural & unhealthy ingredients.

After I fully embraced a totally plant-based vegan lifestyle in 2019, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I was determined to create & share delicious treats with my kids, family & friends without compromising my values regarding refined sugars & nasty unhealthy artificial ingredients.

The Journey

1614769492_1614769491362.jpegI spent almost 2-years perfecting my unique plant-based & vegetarian recipes. As I shared my creations with the food-lovers around me, I realised that anyone with an allergy or intolerance was excluded from the simple pleasure of sharing delicious desserts. And for those who happened to manage an intolerance or medical condition alongside a lifestyle choice, the options available were narrow to non-existent.

And then, out of the blue in January 2021, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. To say that was a shock at 49 was an understatement as I'd spent my entire life living a ridiciously clean & healthy diet & lifestyle. After several weeks of soul-searching, I was even more determined to use my experiences & passion to help others.

1614769865_1614769864252.jpegIt was never my goal to create a range of desserts for vegans, diabetics or celiacs that tasted like the stereotypical blah, chipboard full of artificial sugar desserts. My goal was to create a range of world-class desserts that were full of healthy, nutritious ingredients that could be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their diet, their beliefs or their medical needs. As I had now become the poster-boy for my own products, this was even more important to me.

Why should I have to compromise just because I chose to be vegan. And even more importantly, why should I have to settle for a dodgy, bland dessert because I happen to have diabetes? 

So I redoubled my efforts to create a range of cheesecakes that could be loved by anyone, removing all major allergens from my signature recipes, and instead, filling them with vibrant, luscious natural flavours.

The Kambee Approach

My passion, drive, inspiration, values and vision are shared by the incredible team of people who work with me and I've personally trained each of them to craft exquisite desserts to the very highest standards.

Whether you prefer dairy or plant-based, Kambee is revolutionising desserts.

The Mission

Currently, we work out of a small commercial kitchen in Marston Moretaine - a small village in Bedfordshire (home of Capt. Tom Moore). Our client base were entirely high-end restaurants and hotels in Central London prior to Covid restrictions. 

Since lockdown, we've been offering local deliveries of our products within a 40-mile distance of our location, simply because our electric van doesn't have the range to go more that 100-miles. I truly believe that we all have a responsibility to protect & give back to our planet which is why I chose an electric van and we power our entire kitchen using 100% renewable energy.

I want to get our delicious products out to a wider audience. We've had requests from Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, France, Israel and Dubai. And obviously all over the UK but we don't currently have the capability to ship to those locations.

So we want to raise funds to help expand our product development so that we can ship our incredible products anywhere whilst still retaining all the qualities and uncompromising values that set us apart. And there are a ton of other amazing products in the development pipeline which I need help bringing to market. New kitchen gadgets, R&D all costs money & takes time.

Our products are truly unique, absolutely incredible so we need some help to change the world!

I'm also trying to help support young people who otherwise wouldn't have a chance to get a food on the career ladder in the food & hospitality industries. Our industry has taken a hammering thanks to Covid and young people have really struggled. So, with the help of the government Kickstart Scheme, I'm hoping to take on a group of passionate foodie trainees and give them the tools to build an amazing career in this wonderful industry by providing them with full training and a ton of hands on experience.

We would love you to share our journey, step into our world, discover our desserts and help us get them out to everyone. If you can't support us financially, please spread the message and get it out there to your friends & family via social media or good old word of mouth :-)

Many thanks for reading my story & truly hope it inspires you to help change the world by making it a Kambee (sweet) place.

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Dani Zargel, Founder & CEO


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Exclusive Personalise Product Development

This is an incredible opportunity to have a product developed exclusively for you by our founder & executive chef, Dani. You will be invited for a private 1-to-1 session in our kitchen to have a specially, hand-crafted product developed exclusively for you, your family or your business. If you wish, we can then put that product into development or keep it exclusively for you. And you even get to name the product

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