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by Lovedesh in London, Greater London, United Kingdom


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Urgently help fund Lovedesh® and #JusticeForYasmin. To resurrect her dream to deliver solutions for fast fashion, poverty & climate change.

by Lovedesh in London, Greater London, United Kingdom


The video above was done in 2013 by me,  to any copyright issues - I do not own the right and this is for educational purposes - and know Lovedesh is not for profit.  


Yasmin C here, Founder and CEO. 

I need urgent help.  To rescue 10+ years of work. 

Here is my personal video - please watch?

My goals

Lovedesh needs a business guarantor. 

Lovedesh needs urgent funding. 

Good news I plan to raise the bulk of the stretch goal money from those who destroyed, damaged and derailed Lovedesh. 

I have been made homeless, hit, betrayed and cheated by so many. 

All this is in my video coming soon and in the links below on the Lovedesh Website 

- The Hall of Horrors

Who are they? 

Names of those who issued me with legal threats OR damaged the work we did. 

The famous and rich in fashion world

Suzy Cameron of Red Carpet Green Dress,  Laudes Foundation, Fairwear Foundation, Ayesha Barenblat of Remake Our World,  Fashion Revolution,  Safia Minney Founder of People Tree, Extinction Rebellion, Stella McCartney (the company - not the individual), Clean Clothes Campaign.

Rich Profit Companies

Great British Bake Off's Love Productions, Barclays Bank, 02, Apple, Vodafone. 

The not for profit, politicians. 

Metropolitan Police, London Fashion Week, Federal Party of The Liberal Democrats, members of UK Labour Party (Nick Thomas-Symonds, Shadow Home Secretary), Mayor Of London's TFL,  British High Commission For Bangladesh Robert Chatterton Dickson,   As well as Prospect Trade Union and many many more.  Unethical, greedy or simply betrayed Lovedesh and.or me. 

My blood family - Ali Nagor Choudhury Family 

As well as my Ali Nagor, Bangladesh Choudhury family -  Nazmin Choudhury, her husband Enamul Haque Choudhury, Naz Choudhury (and his wife Rima Rouf), Jasmin Choudhury, Nazrin Choudhury. 

All of whom destroyed my charity Amcariza Foundation and Lovedesh projects in 2015.  And refuse to hand over land left for me by late father out in Bangladesh, Which could have helped starving villagers - many of whom Nazmin, me eldest sister - a British solicitor - has bullied and threatened to beat up. And lied, cheated and stolen as well as attempted to defraud me of my rightful inheritance shares - after I helped build  family business up.  And when I reported it to SRA - they took no action apart from sending her a letter saying "don't do it again". 

So many of my male cousins who turned a blind eye and were complicit as I cried and begged for help  - such as Faisal Ahmed Chowdhury (and his wife Rowshina Chouwdhury who stayed silent), his brothers Faisal and Nasim - all with UK passports - helped by my late father. 

Not to mention my disgusting elder male first cousin who sexually assaulted me in September 2019 - and whom I am hoping will go to jail.  Despite telling them it was not ok to do this - they did it. 

It is disgusting, Shocking. What that all did - separately but combined. 

And now me and the Lovedesh Rana Plaza Victims are fighting back. 

Here is the message they did for me in Xmas 2020. 

The first £11,136 is for a team to get us started.To help me raise the rest of the money.   And get ready for London Fashion Week.

1. I plan to open the world's first Lovedesh  store at a prestigious address London - a new luxury brand. To be launched at London Fashion Week. On 16 September 2021.

And this will be attended and organised with garment workers and victims of Rana Plaza.  Some are also coming to get medically treated.  And artisans from Global South and nations in Africa.  

Imagine Gucci or Chanel crossed with Oxfam.  That's what Lovedesh does. Or remember Robin Hood - he took from the rich to give to the poor. 

The difference with Lovedesh? We are the world's first NOT FOR PROFIT luxury brand - supported and endorsed by garment workers.

EVERY PENNY GOES BACK INTO THE BUSINESS. All staff are paid same wages in first year. 

We will fly in weavers, artisans and garment workers. Victims of Rana Plaza. 


I and Lovedesh have been left repeatedly  broke, harassed and hurt - by the damage done to me and the people I have been working with. From my own family, trolls, large organisations and fashion campaigners ripping off the public.  And using garment workers trauma to raise money. 

Also I get trolled - so much. Sexually harassed. See evidence below. 

- The Hall of Trolls.

This includes my health and the destruction of so many countless projects - that I, a single mother created to help others. And many more Bangladeshi folks who have either died, in crisis and left starving because greedy individuals and organisations trampled over me and my work.  

But before I get you too down - look at this.  The people who do help. 

- Hall of Angels

Who am I?

Yasmin. I have Bangladeshi heritage. Am award winning.   Ex City - and a single mother. who got sick at the way fashion charities and campaigners have become so corrupt and erased the very people they claim to work with.   

I am part of a British mother and daughter design duo.  We have been trying to launch Lovedesh, an ethical fashion brand that is on a mission to #POP (Protect Our Planet) to help us all #BeKind. And every time I try - I am trampled over. 

And have been slowly changing the world.

Starting with Fashion. But it all has gone horribly wrong.  Ever since my daughter and I - she started when she was 7. 

We are a start up based in London. We created the Lovedesh Tee - possibly the "kindest" and "rarest" t-shirt in the world right now. It is made of 100% organic cotton and made in a worker owned factory. But so many damaged and derailed my work. 



What Are We As A Mother & Daughter Doing?

Rather than spend our time sitting at home, we can urgently help.  But in a way that is ethical. And fair.  

We decided to create a global campaign so we can help rescue more modern day slavery victims. On the anniversary of Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream Speech. 


Lovedesh helps these key human rights & planetary causes. 

(1) Modern day slavery & Sweatshops. Poorest artisans and garment & factory workers in the unfair, unethical global supply chain with focus on the emerging economies (eg. Bangladesh, Cambodia, Palestine, Kashmir) and regions in conflict. Covid-19 means millions will go hungry and homeless.


© Photo kindly donated courtesy of Bangladeshi documentary photographer Salahuddin Ahmad.

Here is the Lovedesh Tee - which you can buy right now - to help me get funded. 


(2) ARTISANS, GARMENT & FACTORY WORKERS in the fashion & beauty supply chain with focus on the emerging economies (eg. Bangladesh, Cambodia, Palestine, Kashmir) and regions in conflict. As millions will go hungry and homeless.

Millions of garment workers in Bangladesh and others in SE Asia have been going hungry and homeless.

30 March 2020. 

"A humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Bangladesh, with the fate of 4.1 million garment workers in the hands of western fashion brands, who have reportedly cancelled over $2.8 billion in orders as the COVID-19 crisis escalates." Read this Forbes Article by Fashion Journalist Brooks Robert Islam.

We believe in circular economy and in sweat-free production. And why we like to reuse, repair and recycle where possible. And why we have taken the lead. To launch our campaign. And using #IRemember1136 to be kinder to our planet .


(2)  Our planet is under threat. Victims Of Domestic Violence in UK and around the world. As millions could die, suffer trauma and be at risk. As well as oceans and wildlife.  



Our Background 

We are a British mother and daughter design duo based in London. On a mission to protect our planet. We have been working for over 10 years to fight modern day slavery, climate change and poverty. We want to open up a Lovedesh store in London, that is our dream.  

Please donate now.  And share, share share as we cannot do this all alone.  

Thank you. 

Yasmin & Amber x


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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Lovedesh Original Tee

Original t-shirt - 100% Organic cotton Limited edition Made by women in worker owned factory, victims of Rana Plaza. First come first served - if item is out of stock - we will offer alternative merch

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Lovedesh Army Cadets Bracelet

Made of scrap textiles. A lovely fabric bracelet with the Lovedesh logo. And chance to learn more about the Lovedesh Army Cadets to protect people and planet. Ideal for students, homeworkers. Anyone in need of income. An affiliate scheme that enables you to sell Lovedesh products and receive 11.36% on all sales. Designed to create and boost income. Subject to T&Cs and interview

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Limited Edition Lovedesh Merch

Choose either 1) one size dumped stock white t-shirt or 2) one size beanie hat in grey or 3) Ocean bottle All Emblazoned. With Lovedesh Crown Logo.

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Lovedesh WarOnWar #IRemember T-Shirt

Pre-Order one size t-shirt with a handmade and intricate design in support of Palestine

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LFW Call To Rana Plaza Victims & Garment Workers

Q&As - Speak and listen to the garment workers Lovedesh is helping. A conversation online via video about Rana Plaza victims, relatives of the dead. Disabled, sick and injured. On the eve of London Fashion Week. We will translate via Drs. NOTE. If we raise our stretch target of £11,136 million, - we will fly some over to London. A raffle will be held to pick names of at least 16 - who will get to meet them.

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Entry into Lovedesh® Hall Of Sponsors

Entry by any small business online. A link. On Lovedesh website. Until and including April 24, 2022 - date of Rana Plaza.

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Business Guarantor For Lovedesh Retail Store

To any business out there who can help guarantor Lovedesh. - Entry Into Hall Of Angels - Meeting with victims of fast fashion. - Invitation to Lovedesh London Fashion Week - 6 x VIP Seats - Discount to clients of Lovedesh Products

£1,111,136 or more

Hall of Horrors - Apology

This is for those who hurt and injured Lovedesh. The Victims Of Rana Plaza and all those we worked with. You will have access to millions. You know who you are. Am sorry - you do not get anything apart from knowing you put right the wrong done.

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