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To redesign resources: downloadable posters, postcards, inserts, stickers, graphics for web and SM. To help with campaign costs and website

by JUST A CARD in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Should the campaign be fortunate enough to exceed our £10k target we would put any additional funds to excellent use. We would love funds to be able to pay for help on a freelance basis, both to administer and grow the campaign. At present the workload far exceeds our volunteer capacity, as we all have businesses too. The ability to pay someone to do some everyday tasks would lighten our load considerably. Stretch funds would also pay towards development towards promoting the message and making more people aware of the campaign, to the benefit of all involved.  

JUST A CARD is a grassroots, volunteer led campaign encouraging people to support, value and buy from artists, makers, independent shops and small businesses.

Listen to the campaign founder Sarah Hamilton share the story of JUST A CARD:



The idea driving the campaign is very simple -

JUST A CARD is a call to action! By using cards as an example, the message reminds people that all sales however small, just a card, just a book, just a gift keep independents in business.

In the five years since it began, the campaign has made such a big impact because it goes further than simply saying ‘Shop Local’ - it makes people think. More and more people are reading the JUST A CARD window stickers or posters, spotting the logo and pin badges, and are being prompted to consider buying from independents, recognising how much they enrich our lives.

JUST A CARD is about far more than shopping. Its about thousands of people across the world uniting to celebrate creativity, imagination and sheer hard work. It’s about shops, markets, fairs, fetes, art groups - anywhere in happier times - where people enjoy being part of a shared community. Of course online businesses and communities are a huge part of this too - now more than given the current circumstances. Everyone’s welcome to be part of JUST A CARD, wherever they are independents or not.


Funds from this Crowdfunder will not only help towards running costs, they will also pay to update the campaign website. But most importantly this will fund the design of clearer downloadable posters and postcards in a range of sizes for shops, events, fairs and shows, and inserts and stickers for online orders, plus better graphic to use on websites and social media. These tools and resources would benefit so many, as the campaign works best when people engage with the message.

*Please see notes about rewards below. 


PLEASE NOTE: This is an ‘all or nothing’ Crowdfunder, meaning we HAVE to hit our £10k target if we are to receive any money. If you make a pledge funds will only be taken from your account at the end of this Crowdfunder if and when we hit the target. We chose this option because we can’t afford to provide these new resourses and update our website unless we hit this £10k target.


In these five years at JUST A CARD, we’ve had some phenomenal successes.

Over 17,000 shops worldwide have our windows stickers, and many thousands are part of our very friendly, mutually supportive community. We’re often in the press, and on BBC radio and TV. Last year Lauren Laverne featured INDIE WEEK, our independent alternative to Black Friday, across the week on her BBC radio 6 music show. And the red carpet love doesn’t stop there!

Many of you will have seen the incredible London Underground poster campaign, with Funding Circle and Anno’s Africa, where 15 top stars of TV and film backed our JUST A BOOK project. Make sure you hop over to the website to take a look at these beautiful portraits and spot your favourite stars wearing the iconic JUST A CARD pin badges!



It’s difficult to put a price on all the things people tell us they value about the JUST A CARD, so the hope is people won’t get too caught up in the minutiae of these rewards - really this is about pitching in.

You’ll see some of the rewards are access to the downloadable tools and resources once they are (fingers crossed!) designed. Whilst the initial thought was to make these available for people to use for free, some good friends of the campaign pointed out that most people who understand how JUST A CARD works would be happy to chip in a small fee to pay towards costs because, after all, without funds the campaign cannot exist anyway. 

Some may argue why would people pay for something which helps JUST A CARD but, when you think about it, you’re not doing this for the campaign, it’s about encouraging customers to recognise what all sales means to you, but also supporting the wider community by raising awareness and paying it forward. JUST A CARD is pretty sure most supporters will recognise this, and will want to download these tools and use them.

For those who really can’t afford to pay, the campaign may have a few free or sale days, to help and support everyone, but if you can please pitch in, as this will mean JUST A CARD is more likely to be able to keep running this campaign.

 THANK YOU so much for your support!

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