John-Luke Roberts - It Is Better: Comedy Vinyl

by Monkey Barrel Records in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom


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It Is Better is a brand new show by John-Luke Roberts, made to be listened to.

by Monkey Barrel Records in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

This Project has ended, but you can pre-order the record, and buy some of our other shows here.

I’ve been reading some books on buddhism, and about learning to welcome the moment, and just be with difficult things that pop up, like fear and dread and sadness. It really appeals to me, and I’ll get around to it one day soon I’m sure. In the meantime, I’m ignoring the abyss by drawing tiny, tiny posters for different comedy clubs that don’t exist: clubs like “The Laff Caff” and “Laugs with an ‘H!’” and “Tee-Hee! Comedy on a Golf Course.” I’ve drawn about 60 posters so far. I want to build one tiny comedy club for each poster.

Sadly, I don’t have the time or resources to build one tiny comedy club for each poster. So, instead, I thought I would send out one of the hand-drawn comedy club posters with every vinyl bundle ordered as part of this initial project. So, I will. IF we get to £5000. I believe this is called A Stretch Goal. 

John-Luke Roberts

Our initial target of £2,500 was just enough required to get the records manufactured, but not much else. Our stretch goal will help us cover the costs of all the people who have contributed to this - from sleeve design to musical composition; photography to sound editing. It's been a huge journey to get this far, and we're so grateful for all the support we've had in bringing this together. Thank you.

Monkey Barrel Records

This Project has ended, but you can pre-order the record, and buy some of our other shows here.

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It Is Better Sneak Peek!!

Exclusive snippet from John-Luke Roberts' upcoming comedy record "It Is Better." Music by John Chambers, album art by Natasha Pszenicki. Crowdfunder closes Jan 7th!

John-Luke Roberts - It Is Better: Comedy Vinyl

It Is Better is a brand new show by John-Luke Roberts, with music by John Chambers. It’s been created specifically to be listened to - ideally in the evening, in a comfortable chair, by a warm fire, with a nice drink, while long-thought extinct beasts rampage through the streets outside. 


Brought to you by the team behind the award winning Monkey Barrel Comedy, Monkey Barrel Records is the new home of exclusive comedy vinyl records, showcasing some of the best shows from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and beyond. “It is Better” is the fourth release from Monkey Barrel Records, and the first to be conceived, written, recorded and scored specifically for vinyl.


Plans to record a live LP were scuppered by the pandemic. John-Luke says “I realised my favourite comedy records didn’t have an audience. So I sat down thinking of albums like Sir Henry at Rawlinson End and Ivor Cutler’s Dandruff and grew more and more excited at the prospect. Without an audience, a comedy record can achieve a startling intimacy.”


To help achieve this Roberts teamed up with John Chambers, a composer whose work in theatre includes collaborations with Steven Berkoff (Biblical Tales and Oedipus) and John Cleese (Bang Bang), and  who scored BBC Drama on 3’s critically acclaimed new version of The Cherry Orchard.


The album artwork is by photographer Natasha Pszenicki, featuring a doll’s house scale comedy club built by Roberts during lockdown. He says “they closed the comedy clubs and the theatres, so I built one as a not-entirely-successful coping mechanism.”


You pledge and support will hopefully enable us to reach our target and get these albums produced in the new year. Estimated delivery date is end of March 2021. Thank you!


John-Luke Roberts is a comedian and writer, who has been called “a one-man finger-in-the-dyke against the blandification of comedy” by The Guardian. He is a fringe favourite in Edinburgh, who’s performed sold out runs of acclaimed, peculiar solo shows, and is the co-founder of the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society. “It Is Better” is his ninth comedy hour.

★★★★★ "Freewheeling escapism...a joy" Fest Magazine  

★★★★ "A hit" The Times  

★★★★ "Impeccably choreographed, giddily inventive, turbo-charged hour" The Telegraph  

★★★★ "Killer gags...glorious idiocy" The Guardian


Composer John Chambers has been making a variety of noises for over 15 years. His work in theatre includes collaborations with Steven Berkoff (Biblical Tales and Oedipus) and John Cleese (Bang Bang). He scored BBC Drama on 3’s critically acclaimed new version of The Cherry Orchard. Whilst a student at Trinity College of Music, he had to write a fanfare for a staircase, and the Duke of Kent told him it “really did sound like a fanfare”, and he ought to know. His production music for TV has been heard faintly in the background of such shows as Countryfile, Blue Peter, and AMC’s Soulmates.


Natasha Pszenicki's photographic experience comes from a rich editorial cauldron, mixing portraiture, still life and fashion on a daily basis across various publications, formats and platforms. But what she loves most is surreal shoots with John Luke Roberts.


Monkey Barrel Comedy is Edinburgh's best rated Comedy Club. #1 of 45 Concerts & Shows on TripAdvisor, Scotland’s Best Venue 2020 Chortle Awards and 3 time Scottish Comedy Award winner. We are owner managed, independent and since 2017 (usually!) open 7 days a week in Edinburgh's Old Town.


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Three of the Six photos by Natasha Pszenicki, signed by John-Luke Roberts.



An original woodcut print by John-Luke Roberts, from a limited edition of 22.



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