It Takes Two Film

by Benjamin Atkinson in Dunfermline, Scotland, United Kingdom

It Takes Two Film


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Original musical film where twin sisters Olivia and Rosie use their love of the stage to help save a local theatre from closure.

by Benjamin Atkinson in Dunfermline, Scotland, United Kingdom



“It Takes Two” is an original musical feature-length film (with all original songs) where twin sisters Olivia and Rosie use their love of the stage to help save a local theatre from closure. However, all could be jeopardised when a big break opportunity puts both family and friendships to the ultimate test.

The main message of the film entertains the value of support in communities, and how even during the toughest of times, once we unite together, we can overcome all obstacles.

Some things are worth fighting for!



"It Takes Two" has 13 original musical songs written by Katie Atkinson and orchestrated by Guy Bathgate.

Following an up-beat and energetic rhythm, these original songs are undeniably catchy and guaranteed to leave you singing away for days to come!

An official cast soundtrack will be released soon after cast vocals and backing instruments are recorded in studio. What else do you need?!

Each and every song is there for a reason and helps to guide us through the characters' rollercoaster journeys.

Stunningly choreographed dance numbers, beautifully sang vocals and harmonies, and incredible acting performances - you've got it all in this film!

Watch this space because this is our year!


The past year has been a particularly difficult time for the creative arts industries around the world. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our beloved theatres are faced with the real life threat of closure.

We want to make this message known through our film and celebrate the true magic of our theatres. Performing is not just a hobby, it's a confidence builder, a collaborative profession and a way to express yourself. Support for one another is so important and that's why we want to raise more awareness of the troubles faced by the creative arts, and promote how we can all play our part in helping those businesses and people that have been badly affected by this global crises. Let's spread the word and show some support to our big bright theatres!


COVID-19 has added yet another stumbling block to the already challenging task of making a film. But that wasn't going to stop us from making it a reality!

Our team has had to act quickly and consider what we can do to minimise any potential risks at rehearsals and on-set. Everyone is playing their part in stopping the spread of the virus. We have been strictly following all Scottish Government restrictions and advice for the film and TV industry to keep our cast and crew safe and we have prepared in-depth rules and procedures for filming on-set come July.




Benjamin Atkinson - Director

Benjamin is a filmmaker based in Edinburgh, Scotland. As a member of The National Youth Film Academy, Benjamin played the role of Cinematographer in the short film, ‘In-sight’ where he worked alongside other talented filmmakers. He is looking forward to work with the team once again for their latest short, ‘Loophole’ in 2021. Later this year, Benjamin will be the Assistant Cameraman on another NYFA production, 'The Daily Lyre'. Benjamin’s most recent independent directing project was short film, ‘The Message’, and he is currently working on an original feature-length musical entitled, ‘It Takes Two’.


Katie Atkinson - Musical Director

Katie is a 16 year old singer/songwriter from Fife. She has always had a passion for writing original music and so was very excited to take on the role as musical director in this film and bring her musical visions onto the big screen. Katie is also playing the lead part of Olivia in this musical film. She has played other principal parts including Tracy in Hairspray, Annie in Annie and Steffi in Popstars as well as reaching the finals of Britain Does Variety. She is very excited to work alongside such a talented and professional cast through the process of this movie and can’t wait to see its final result.

1623249853_itt_-_mm.pngMartin Mitchell - First Assistant Director

Martin has experience in the world of filmmaking, having been a producer, director and actor in several short films with Elbahi Studios. His University studies in Acting and English have allowed him to learn a lot about the filmmaking industry and its workings. His experience with theatre is expansive too, having performed as a Principal in 5 different productions across Fife. Martin is also looking forward to help with directing It Takes Two.

1623250305_itt_-_gb.pngGuy Bathgate - Orchestrator

Guy Bathgate is a 19-year-old multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter and actor from Scotland. He is in his first year at Leeds Conservatoire, where he is studying jazz drumming. He is also a developing composer and songwriter, having written a vast amount of original material for himself and others, as well as composing for jazz ensembles, big band and for short films. He also has experience singing, acting and performing on stage and screen, which has helped him in the process of writing for and scoring It Takes Two.


Musicals, films and more musicals! Taking inspiration from films like 'The Greatest Showman', 'Prom', and 'High School Musical', our film aims to tell an uplifting up-beat story through singing and dancing in a cinematic visual style. We want to realise the magic of the theatre yet on the big screen instead! Our musical is full of colour and the filming will be taking place in some perfect local venues such as 'The Alhambra Theatre' in Dunfermline, 'Fife College', 'Fairmont Hotel' in St Andrews, and many more!

We want to captivate our audience by taking a believable contemporary storyline and merging it with the thrilling fantasies of a musical. Lighting will be key to really show this contrast of both worlds and fuel the good energy of the film.



Here is a quick breakdown of the budget for the film, so that you know exactly how your donations will benefit us! Creating an original feature-length musical film does not come cheaply! Every penny will go towards funding our equipment, locations, set and props, and COVID-19 safety on-set. The more we can raise, the better our film can be!

We will be providing Covid safety personal protective equipment (PPE) onset such as face masks, hand sanitisers and wipes. Within our set dressing and props budget, includes the hire of a limousine, taxi, school sign and printed school posters. Once the film is released, we will be looking at submitting it to some film festivals in order to promote our talented filmmakers and actors. This will be covered in our marketing budget which has been set aside for this purpose. 

All equipment purchased for the film is a long term investment of our director and so we are not expecting this cost to be accounted for in our target goal.


Our cast and crew are made up from talented young filmmakers and actors locally in Dunfermline, Fife! We have a wide range of dancers, singers, and actors with lots of experience in theatre and film. Check out the characters in the film!


We have been working hard with everyone to develop individual characters to flesh out a more complex storyline. It's really important to get into the nitty-gritty of each character's backstories' to see what really influences their motivations and actions.

Since many of our cast members have predominantly performed in live theatre, it has been important for our production team to clearly demonstrate how acting differs in film from being onstage.



Please help us make this film a reality by supporting our project! Any donation no matter the size, goes a long way and is greatly appreciated. This production also offers some exciting rewards and gifts for your kind donations - check them out! Feel free to chose one of the rewards, or if you would rather just donate without anything in return, you can do that instead!

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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Live Screening & Q&A!

Join the cast and crew for the first online live screening of the film! You will be one of the first to ever watch the musical. Have a question about the film on your mind? Ask away after the screening and get the chance to speak directly to our cast and crew.

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Get a ticket and enter our raffle for the chance to win a selection of gifts and goodies to do with our film! Win a physical signed poster, prop from the film, the musical songs playlist and much more!

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Get your hands on a digital copy of our film poster, signed by each member of the cast and crew!

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Roll The Credits!

Want your name up on the big screen? Of course you do! Get your name up in lights on the special thanks end credit roll of the film!

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Funny Film Bloopers!

Get an exclusive look at some of the best bloopers captured in the making of the film!

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Listen To The Songs!

Want the full studio recorded playlist of original songs from the musical? And did I mention there are 13 of them! You've got it!

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Walk On Part!

It's never been easier to get on the big screen! Get featured as an individual walk-on part in the film for you and a friend! Hurry - only 3 spots available!

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Dance Workshop!

Learn the dance moves to one of our hit musical numbers! Organised by our very own choreographers - Charlie Stewart & Jasmine Fleming. Show us what moves you've got!

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Cop A Prop!

Get your hands on a special prop from the film! An aluminium 'Bridgewood High' school sign!

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Executive Producer Credit!

Be credited as the executive producer in our film! Watch the film as soon as it's released.

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