Proven Natural Instant Gallbladder Pain Killer

by Proven natural gallbladder treatment in London, England, United Kingdom

Proven Natural Instant Gallbladder Pain Killer


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Gallstone sufferers will suffer NO MORE with this natural painkiller that stops a gallbladder attack in its tracks. Help me help others!

by Proven natural gallbladder treatment in London, England, United Kingdom

As a gallstone patient, I understand the pain millions of people with gallstones are going through. 

I felt pressured to “just surgically remove“ my gallbladder after being constantly told it was a worthless organ. The medical professionals refused to prescribe me medication which dissolved or break-up the gallstones as they said gallstones COULD (keyword) return even though I had tweaked my diet to lessen the likelihood. My plea was falling on death ears.

I stopped going to the A&E and the GP when all they did was offer me tramadol which just made me drowsy through the pain but didn’t offer any form of treatment. 

As there is medication that could dissolve gallstones, I knew that I could find a natural alternative that could work the same way.

Having tried and tested a few different health supplements, I finally found two supplements that helped digest fatty foods I ate and stop an attack in its tracks. I literally have found a natural painkiller for gallbladder pain. One that not only takes the pain away but helps the digestive system back to how it is supposed to be. Thanks to these simple supplements, I have not had an attack in four years.

These simple, safe health supplements were not easy to find. It took a lot of research and I had to really do my homework to get my hands on them.

I have helped family and friends with different gallbladder related conditions and they all can testify to the supplements working and to there natural pain killing properties. They agreed that millions of people could benefit from them too and avoid surgery. The effects are immediate and could save the nhs millions.

I am currently writing a Guide that reveals how I overcame gallstone pain and gallbladder disease where I reveal the supplements I have used. I also am creating an online store where patients with gallbladder related issues can purchase the guide and the products that help the condition.

I have already been in touch with manufacturers who will make these supplements for the store.

I am trying to raise funds to pay for the products (supplements) to be manufactured, packaged, shipped and distributed via my e-commerce store. I will be able to publish my Gallbladder Guide which will sell alongside the products. I will also use the money to publish my website and buy web chat software to support people on their journey to better gallbladder health. 

During this pandemic, so many sufferers have had their appointments cancelled or delayed and are suffering in silence. I want to help as many people as I possibility can.

The past year has made us aware of how important our health is. Please help me help others.

Thank you!


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