Inclusive pedals: Cycling Without Age Chesterfield

We are fundraising to set up a Cycling Without Age project in Chesterfield UK.

We did it!

On 9th Sep 2018 we successfully raised £365 with 13 supporters in 70 days

The right to feel the wind in your hair

We are raising funds to help set up a Cycling Without Age project and buy an electrically assisted trishaw to operate in Chesterfield UK.

Cycling without Age was founded in Copenhagen in 2012 . It has a fantastic track record of bringing generations closer together by sharing experiences on an electrically assisted three-wheel bike with 2 comfy seats own the front.

Cycling without age is about realising a dream:-

"We dream of creating a world together, in which the access to active citizenship creates happiness among our fellow elderly citizens by providing them with an opportunity to remain an active part of society and the local community.

We do that by giving them the right to wind in their hair, the right to experience the city and nature close up from the bicycle and by giving them an opportunity to tell their story in the environment where they have lived their lives.

That way we build bridges between generations and we reinforce trust, respect and the social glue in our society."

Ole Kassow
Founder CWA

Who are we?

We are Inclusive Pedals. A local Community Interest Company running activities based in Queens Park in Chesterfield. 

We run regular adapted cycling sessions for adults and young people using the Queens Park Velodrome and the Cycle routes in Chesterfield. We run some free sessions, funded by Cycling UK's Big Bike Revivalopen sessions costing only £1 and organisations and groups can book private sessions too.

We also run monthly Chesterfield Dr Bike sessions where you can get you bike checked and tuned for free.

We are now working hard to bring Cycling Without Age to Chesterfield.

What are we going to use your money for?

Over the next few months we are running a campaign to secure enough funds to  provide storage, power, buy a trishaw or two, training & clothing for volunteers, ongoing maintenance and basic running costs for the first three years of the project. 

Chesterfield Borough Council  have kindly agreed to allow us to site a further storage unit in Queens Park. So our first fiancial goal is to purchase a container and get that unit up and running with its own power supply.

The Cycling Without Age  trishaw will be in the region of £11,000 with a motor strong enough for our hills, water proof blankets and lights. We'd love to get 2 or 3  if we can stretch the campaign. We need to cover maintenance and transport of the bikes as well.

Volunteer training to Department for Transport Bikeability Level 3 standards will be provided and some clothing and wet weather gear made available to borrow for the volunteers.

Please give as generously as you can (every £1 helps)

Please consider donating money to our project and spreading the word to others who may be able to help.  We can then engage with other groups and individuals working to improve the lives of local people in Chesterfield and encourage other funders to join in. You will be helping elderly and isolated people get out and about. Together we can contribute to building new relationships within our community and make a tangible difference to people's lives.

Alongside raising the funding for our trishaws and their accomodation we also seek volunteer pilots, helpers and businesses to spread awareness of our exciting project and help build a sustainable future for it. Even if we raise a few hundred  pounds here it will make a huge difference to how much we can raise from other sources and  large scale  charitable funders.

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