Immaculate Alcohol-Free Classic G&T

by Lynne Cadenhead in Uddingston, Scotland, United Kingdom

We did it
On 30th December 2019 we successfully raised £13,550 with 151 supporters in 35 days

We're crowdfunding to launch Immaculate, a pre-mixed alcohol-free G&T. 50% of our profits will go to support other women entrepreneurs.

by Lynne Cadenhead in Uddingston, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If we reach our stretch target, the extra money will help us to get our products into more environmentally-friendly cans quicker. It will also allow us to launch Immaculate alcohol-free vodka and rum later this year, and also help us to promote our product range more quickly and to a wider audience, so that even more people can benefit.  

Immaculate Alcohol-Free Classic G&T

100% Taste, 0% Alcohol

All of the flavour, all of the fun, and none of the downside!



We are Immaculate Drinks and we are crowdfunding to develop a new range of premium, 100% alcohol-free botanical distillate drinks. 

Completely natural, low in sugar, steeped in provenance and developed with authenticity, integrity and wellbeing at our heart, right here in Scotland.

1. Why Alcohol-Free?

A couple of years ago I had an operation and afterwards found I couldn't drink alcohol any more without suffering a hangover that lasted for a week. Not pleasant, to say the least, and not fun for a self-confessed party girl! Grumpily I slowly settled into this new alcohol-free way of socialising...and over time found to my surprise that I actually enjoyed not drinking alcohol when out and in fact came to prefer it. Great nights out, lots of sleep, no hangovers and bursting with energy and a clean, fresh feeling for the next day.

Yet there was a problem with all this...Nothing. Good. To. Drink. 

All I wanted was the taste of a classic and zingy G&T, but all that was really on offer was the standard artificial sugar-laden drinks. Really rather dull, and just not that good for you.

The more I complained with my friends and colleagues, the more I realised it wasn't just me feeling this way - they all felt the same way too! Wanting to cut down on or cut out alcohol, yet nothing decent to drink. So myself and my co-founders Carolyn and Gaynor decided rather than whining any more, we would do something about it... and Immaculate was born.

2. And it's not just Lynne, Carolyn and Gaynor feeling this way...

Over a quarter of consumers are now saying that they are looking to cut down their alcohol consumption. Currently one in five consumers are not drinking any alcohol, one in three are cutting down their alcohol intake and one in four of Gen Z and millennials are completely teetotal, giving them more money and reclaimed-time to enjoy a vibrant social life in a different way. We really do believe that Immaculate will appeal to a wide range of people interested in their wellbeing and reducing or stopping drinking alcohol, whilst still enjoying a great night out.

And with the market for non-alcoholic alternative drinks for grown-ups set to reach over $2 billion by 2022, lots of other people feel the same way about's cool to be sober and clear-headed, not drunk and fuzzy-headed. We are so over that...

3. So what have we done so far?

The stars have aligned to bring together a fabulous group of people with the skills, passion and purpose to take Immaculate from nothing more than an idea to an alcohol-free drink in your hand. 

We have worked with our secret magician distiller to create a unique botanical blend, that really does taste like a classic G&T, but is alcohol-free, 100% natural and low in sugar (you do need a wee bit of sugar to get a great taste!). Our branding partners have worked tirelessly to create an exceptional brand (doesn't Immaculate just say everything about our drink in one word?) and our legal partners have kept us on the right track at every step, including our trademark application. We couldn't have done this without them...but to get to the next stage we really do need your support.

4. And what will we do next?

We're crowdfunding to raise £10,000 for our pilot run of a 250ml bottle of ready-mix alcohol-free Immaculate Classic G&T, a really fresh, zingy drink. We'll then test it with people like you in January and February 2020, to make sure you love it as much as we do, and then fully launch Immaculate (in cans, not bottles - better for the environment) in May 2020. By supporting us now, you will be one of the very first people to get their lips on our uniquely-numbered bottles.

We're also working on floral and spice flavour G&Ts for summer and winter so you can drink a different Immaculate to suit your mood, and the weather, all year round. And if you are not a G&T fan, don't worry, we are also developing non-alcoholic vodka and rum!

5. So why are we doing all this?

Immaculate is not just about creating a great new alcohol-free drink for adults. We really do have a deep and profound sense of purpose and community at our core. 

The co-founders Lynne, Carolyn and Gaynor all work for Women's Enterprise Scotland (WES) in their day jobs. WES is a Community Interest Company (CIC) that helps create the environment for women-led businesses to start up and grow in Scotland. We celebrate our fellow women entrepreneurs' successes and help them in times of need on a daily basis. We support them, we develop them, we promote them, we advocate for them and we care for them. And we love them! 

Yet we know we can do so much more to support all women entrepreneurs in Scotland, in both good times and bad. And that is why 50% of the annual profits of Immaculate will be invested into projects which help women entrepreneurs in Scotland start and grow their own businesses...and if we do really well (thanks to you!), with our supportive partners we will set up the Immaculate Legacy Fund, inspiring and supporting future generations of women entrepreneurs for many, many years to come via Women's Enterprise Scotland.

Please support us in our vision, creating a premium alcohol-free brand that enhances our wellbeing and leaves a legacy for women entrepreneurs in Scotland...and beyond.  £10,000 is all it will take to get us there! Let's do it.

6. Our Rewards

From our uniquely numbered launch bottles, to meeting our our secret magician distiller, we've loads of special rewards for you to enjoy as a very special thank you for your support. What tasty Immaculate treat do you like most? Have a look at our list alongside.

Thank you from Immaculate xxx

Lynne, Carolyn, Gaynor, Gillian, Hamish, David, John and Co., and Euan and Co.!

All Rights Reserved Copyright 2019 Immaculate Drinks 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£30 or more

50 of 200 claimed

6 Bottles of Immaculate Classic Alcohol-Free G&T

Be the first to enjoy Immaculate Classic Alcohol-Free G&T with six uniquely-numbered bottles sent to you from our first production run and discover just how good a night out - or in - without alcohol can be!

£20 or more

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Immaculate Founders Herbs Wall x 1

Your name included on our Immaculate Founders Herbs Wall on our website. Choose a herb, add your name and show your personal support for Immaculate and women in business!

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Immaculate T-Shirt

A beautiful limited edition organic cotton Immaculate T-shirt (small, medium or large, in black or white - your choice!) featuring our unique branding.

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Immaculate Founders Club Membership

Be a founder member of our Immaculate Founders Club. Access to recipes, special offers, first sight of new products, well-being advice, news on the women in business you are supporting...and so much more!

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Immaculate Founders Herbs Wall x 3

Three names included on our Immaculate Founders Herbs Wall on our website. Choose three herbs, add three names and show your personal support for Immaculate and women in business!

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Immaculate T-Shirt and 6 bottles of Immaculate G&T

A beautiful limited edition organic cotton Immaculate T-shirt (small, medium or large, in black or white - your choice!) featuring our stunning branding as well as six uniquely-numbered bottles of our first run of Classic Alcohol-Free Immaculate G&T. Discover just how good a night out - or in - can be without alcohol!

£60 or more

5 of 50 claimed

Limited Edition Bottle of Immaculate Distillate

Limited edition 500ml bottle of Classic Alcohol-Free Immaculate distillate, personally signed by our secret Magician Distiller and the co-founders. Yours to mix at home with your favourite tonic. One to keep and treasure! We'll also include your name on our Immaculate Founders Herbs Wall on our website. Choose a herb, add your name and show your personal support for Immaculate and women in business!

£100 or more

25 of 100 claimed

Invitation to Immaculate Launch Party in Edinburgh

Come and join us in Edinburgh to celebrate the official spring-time launch. Held in a beautiful secret location which will bathe you in well-being...

£500 or more

1 of 10 claimed

Meet Our Secret Immaculate Magician Distiller

Meet our secret Immaculate Magician Distiller where he perfects his craft in Edinburgh. Learn how he grows, picks and distills only the best botanicals to make Immaculate, giving maximum taste with a 100% natural product.

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