PROJECT 1 Million - One Subscriber One Life

by I AM CREATOR in Lincoln, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 6th December 2020 we successfully raised £12,363 with 204 supporters in 59 days

I Am Creator is raising funds for Stella's Voice to support the victims affected by human trafficking and to make difference together!

by I AM CREATOR in Lincoln, England, United Kingdom

Master Sri Akarshana will donate £1 to Stella's Voice for every person that joins in Project 1 Million and support our event throughout.



"At Stella’s Voice, we work to prevent vulnerable young people in Moldova from being trafficked.     

Our goal is to get the young person to the point where they are ready to leave us, move into their own home, know how to run a home and look after themselves, can hold down a good job and take care of themselves. We work to make ourselves not needed by them.

Of course, we stay in contact with them once they leave and are there for support if it’s needed.

Stella was someone we knew who lived in an orphanage, was put out of the orphanage at 16 years of age and tragically died of AIDS at the age of 19 as a result of being trafficked. Stella will never speak again – her voice has been silenced, but we have determined that we will be ‘Stella’s Voice’"


Virtual FUNDRAISING EVENT hosted by I Am Creator Team, featuring Master Sri Akarshana.

Master Sri Akarshana’s YouTube Channel already hit ONE Million in no time and we would like to use this opportunity to reach out to our community and make a difference together!

We are going to raise funds for Stella's Voice to support the victims affected by human trafficking. All the sales collected through the event will be given to the cause (after deducting administration cost).

Stella's Voice is a charity directly support children and teenagers in Moldova whose greatly affected by human trafficking - a child will be sold into sexual exploitation in the next 30 seconds.  


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    3 Supporters for this Project will have a chance to win the IFC Dinner with Master Sri Akarshana.


These are unprecedented times but together, we are stronger. Together, we will support each other to be able to stand up, and move forward!

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Abundant Spirit • Influencer For Change Dinner

After the Fundraising Day, the Abundant Spirits will be invited to join the INFLUENCERS FOR CHANGE Dinner with Master Sri Akarshana and the I Am Creator Team 2020 [ONLINE]. You will spend the evening with Master Sri Akarshana, and our community leaders to toast to whom thrives through the challenging year!

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One Session CC+ Sunday Hangout LIVE • Experience

Experience what's like as a Creators Circle Plus Member in the CC+ Community. You will be invited to a Sunday Hangout at the end of December. Creators Circle Plus is a community where you can connect with a network of creators who are learning, growing and making a positive impact on the world together! Sunday Hangout consists of 40minutes Y4M Yoga and 1-hour session delivered by international speakers from various fields, LIVE!

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Amazing Creator • Exclusive Open Portal

Amazing Creators will have the access to Project One Million LIVE *and* be eligible for the Giveaway Lucky Draw. You'll also receive an exclusive invitation to ONE Platinum Open Portal Session in January 2021 where Master Sri Akarshana will lead the whole session and share his knowledge with you.

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Super Creator Certification Program

6 Videos + 1 LIVE with Master Sri Akarshana. Learn how to Become a SUPER Creator, how to Manifest with Ease & Flow.

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12 Month Platinum Open Portal with Master

Not only you will enjoy complete access to the Project One Million LIVE, and be invited to the Influencers For Change Award Ceremony 2020 [Online], but also you will be invited to 6 months of Platinum Open Portal Sessions led by Master Sri Akarshana where you will be part of a group of outstanding souls. You will be enrolled in January 2021.

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12 Month Platinum Mentorship with Master

One Year Platinum Mentorship from Master Sri Akarshana. Whether you want to grow personally or professionally, this 12 Month Platinum Mentorship will facilitate growth like you've never experienced before. Master has a wealth of experience and during these 12 months he will share his insights with you, guiding you, helping you to have your best year yet. In addition, you'll also be granted GOLD Ticket Access to all IAC Events during 2021.

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Beautiful Soul • Project One Million LIVE

Along with access to Project One Million LIVE - you will also receive an exclusive, rare, MANIFESTATION WATER BOTTLE. Beautiful Souls will be eligible for the Giveaway Lucky Draw whereby one lucky winner will be selected to join the IFC Dinner after the event.

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