Devon knows Hunters Brewery needs YOU!

by Hunters Brewery in Ipplepen, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 19th April 2021 we successfully raised £16,893 with 191 supporters in 28 days

We need Devon and all our loyal supporters behind us to stay in business producing our wonderful Devon Ales. It's crunch time.

by Hunters Brewery in Ipplepen, England, United Kingdom

We're trying to make it to the summer, with the pubs and restaurants shut we have lost 80% of our trade.  Its starting to get very uncomfortable for our bank account. We'd love to enjoy summer beers with you and we're asking for your help getting round the final lap.

We're not asking for charity, we're asking you to invest in our future and we've put together some amazing rewards to thank you for your support.


The Story – We've built a family business, created employment opportunities in the local area and we hope brought a lot of joy to people lives along the way.

Alex Polizzi put our business on track in The Fixer on The BBC. We made our bottling plant a success, gained deals with Morrisons and Co Op as well as producing all the bottled beers for the Turtle Bay Restaurant chain.

Then we headed into 2020.


Covid-19 saw Pubs and Restaurants close, and all our exciting plans for new brews and community events come to a sudden stop. 

That was twelve months ago and since then we've been without a proper income. We've begged, borrowed and bargained to reach this point, but when the money runs out options are few.  This has left us very vulnerable.


Our regular festivals and events that supplied cash flow were all cancelled due to the Covid-19 Restrictions.  


Together we've made it this far, ducking and diving, getting online and loading the vans for Covid-19 safe deliveries across Devon bringing beer to the door and hopefully putting a smile on peoples faces. 

To get to the finish line we're going to ask you to believe in our future - we done the maths and we're so close!


From Brewery Tours to Life time membership we've put together a load of fantastic rewards, you can even get your own brand of beer for your wedding or business or just for yourself.  We really hope you can get behind us with this.  We will never forget the help we hope to be given.


Covid-19 has decimated our business.  Pubs, restaurants, hotels are account for 80% of our turnover and they are either closed or operating under restrictions. Not many pubs have sufficient outdoor areas, so we foresee this being a very slow return to normality. 

100% of our events have been cancelled in 2020 and our first event will not be until AUGUST this year.  But we cannot wait to get back to running  brewery tours, have visitors to the brewery shop and putting this behind us and moving on to the next chapter.  

As a family run brewery set up without any hand outs back in 2008 it's a real pleasure to employ local people.  We are passionate and dedicated to brewing fantastic beer and would like to continue doing so!


Cream First!  We love supplying the best pubs in Devon and we really enjoyed supplying nationally to Turtle Bay Restaurants.  Come on you Devonians and loyal Hunters Fans help us make sure we stay in business.  


Let’s get a bit of Devon Dreaming going and maybe you can find yourself and pint in one of the lovely Devon Pubs when this nightmare is over!


We want to stay a small, passionate micro brewery, we want to increase capacity in our bottled beers, bring back our Walkers range, more brewery tours and to thank everyone that's helped us.  


We have specialized in agricultural show bars locally.  For years we have provided much fun and entertainment.  Totnes Show, Kingsbridge Show, The Royal Bath and West Show

We have even travelled further afield and provided bars for Countryfile Live @ Blenhiem Palace and you will see us at least twice a year up in Buckinghamshire. We want to get back into these again.


We have an opportunity now with Crowd Funding to turn this into a positive.  Like have said we don’t want “Ought for nowt”! So we are offering some wonderful opportunities for you to own a bit of Hunters branding, beers or even one of the other wonderful experiences we are offering.  1616335709_titleamazingrewards.jpg

We need to raise £30000, to give us breathing room as our greediest friend Mr HMRC is cutting us no slack.

This will give us the new start we need after Covid-19. When the pubs are open and the restaurants are full again our cash flow will be healthy again.  

We've sunk everything we can into the Brewery, we just want to survive - it's within touching distance. 


Have a good look at our offers and see what cracking value they are.  And we really hope you can enjoy the offers and thanking you in advance for helping us. 


We have several offers and rewards to offer you.  We are looking forward to our thank you party. 

Now is the time to save Hunters, so we can all have that party! Please have a look at offers and please join us! 



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£30 or more

49 of 950 claimed


After Covid Party – To celebrate the end of Covid-19 restrictions we will host a party with live music. The Bar will have discounted drinks and your ticket will include a free burger and pint!. If things stay on course AND Covid-19 restrictions on events are lifted we'd love a summer event, date TBC.

£30 or more


Get yourself an exclusive Hunters Pheasant Plucker T-Shirt with our pheasant art and rhyme. Make a scene and get your friends tongue twisting.

£35 or more

63 of 200 claimed


1 x Case of Beer, 1 x T Shirt and have it delivered - perhaps get this as a gift for someone.

£50 or more


5% discount for two years on any Hunters Product purchased online or by phone

£50 or more

33 of 200 claimed


1 x Case of Beer, 1 x T Shirt and Glass and Bar Towel

£100 or more

8 of 200 claimed


40 pints of hunters beer vouchers to be used at any hunters event or any of our Brewery Tours. It's beer in the bank. Update: Can also be claimed online or on a future phone order

£100 or more


10% discount for two years on any Hunters Product purchased online or by phone

£400 or more

2 of 200 claimed


Monthly case of beer for 12 months. That's not all. To get your year started you will receive 5 Bar Towels, 6 glasses, 20 beer matts and a Hunters Brewery T shirt. ...and on your Birthday, you will receive a Hunters Hoody.

£500 or more

3 of 10 claimed


Brewery Tour – Up to 20 people. An evening of fun and learning! We will provide up to 2 x barrels of beer of your choice. Each guest will also receive a T Shirt, Hunters Glass and a gift box to take home at the end of the evening.

£500 or more

2 of 5 claimed


Brewery Day – Up to four people. You and your guests can come and work alongside our brewer for the day. As well as brewing the beer you will receive a Bag in Box of the beer you brewer 2 weeks later. On the day you will also receive a T-Shirt and Gift Box & lunch at one our local pubs.

£1,000 or more

2 of 10 claimed


Become a Life Long Member 50% discount on all hunters products purchased online or over the phone.

£1,800 or more

1 of 10 claimed


Corporate Bottling – We will bottle for you a batch of our beer. You can design your own label and we will help you with this. Lovely idea for Weddings, Birthdays etc. You can even come and watch it being bottled. 90 Cases delivered.

£10,000 or more

0 of 1 claimed


Come to Brewery, create a new beer, you name it and get your name on it. Not just a new beer with a name on, but you select the malt the hops the flavour being aimed. Rules: The laws of physics will apply, Must be legal, Must be capable of making a profit, Must be in-keeping with Hunters ideology. We'll add it to our catalogue of beers and offer it to stockists. "BEER NAME" - an original creation by "YOUR NAME HERE"

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