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Let's campaign to reform the planning system so that new housing is built around sustainable transport.

by Transport for New Homes in London, England, United Kingdom

Enough of housing built around the car! 

Why are we getting sprawling, car dependent housing estates that add to traffic jams, air pollution and carbon emissions? Why, with all the talk about encouraging walking and cycling, are we getting housebuilding in places that are not connected by streets to our towns and cities and have few local facilities?

How about building homes with local shops, pubs and cafes just a walk away? With a network of safe cycle routes and bike parking for every home? And with new stations, trams, modern bus routes and transport interchanges making public transport the easy choice for longer journeys?

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Our country needs more homes. What we don't need - in the midst of a climate crisis - is more sprawling, car-dependent estates far from town centres and public transport links. But although the Government is proposing to reform the planning system, it's doing nothing about the problem of car-dependence - in fact its proposals threaten to make things worse.

We have the opportunity right now to make the case for a better way. Up and down the land, people are talking about how to build back better after the pandemic: together we can make sure that the Government listens in terms of planning and sustainable transport.

With your contribution, our Homes Without Jams campaign will work to influence the Government's planning reforms as they pass through Parliament, making the case for a green transport future.

We know that real change comes from the grassroots as well as from Government, so we'll help local campaigners oppose car-dependent housing plans with a new campaigning guide.

And we'll raise awareness among the public of the need for Homes Without Jams with a campaign video.

We're Transport for New Homes. In the past, our campaigns have featured on the Today programme and in the Times, the Guardian and the Telegraph. We've met with the DfT and MHCLG, and been cited by the Committee on Climate Change. So - with you on board - we know we can bring attention to this issue.

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If we raise £6,000 together, we can:

  • Boost our Homes Without Jams fighting fund to campaign for better planning reform.
  • Publish an online guide for local campaigners who want alternatives to car-dependent sprawl.
  • Make a campaign video to show the reality of car-dependent housing, where you're lucky if your street has a pavement, and 'local amenities' mean drive-through fast food joints.

Any extra money raised will be put into our Homes Without Jams fighting fund as we pursue the Government's planning reforms through Parliament, responding to consultations, engaging with Ministers and bringing like-minded NGOs together. We're planning some more eye-catching things too... we'll keep in touch as there will be loads of ways to get involved.

Homes Without Jams: join our crowdfunder and let's call for housing where people don't need cars to live a full life.

Transport for New Homes is a project funded by the Foundation for Integrated Transport, which is a registered charity (115 63 63). 

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Let's make 'Homes Without Jams' happen

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