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Raising funds for the budget of our geeky fantasy adventure webseries, Homebrew!

We did it!

On 27th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £425 with 12 supporters in 28 days


What do you get? 


We get it! Fair trades are important! We want to thank you for any and all generosity you show for our webseries, and that's why Triskele Productions (our production company!) has come up with some fantastic rewards for you in return for your donations! 

£1 - Our Eternal Gratitude!
We appreciate your donation so much, like we said, if every one of you just donated £1, we would have 10x the budget we need! We couldn't do it without you!!

£5 - Public Shoutout + Early Access!

We think you're so great, that we want to shout you out to everyone we know! We will post a public thank-you for your donation to our Twitter and Facebook pages! In addition, you will get early access to each episode of the webseries as they air! 


£10 - Teardrop Stone Necklace

Queen Valmoria loves to reward independence and free thought! We've seen so many £10 donations, that we want to reward everyone who donates that amount with a teardrop stone necklace from the Queen's personal jewellery box! There are dozens more colours than what we've shown, it's a mystery as to what you'll get! 

£20 - A Set of D&D Dice!

Maybe you've been an avid player for years, maybe you've never picked up a 20-sided dice before! For your generosity, we will send you your own set of D&D dice in one of four colours to make sure you get a chance to play! You'll also get all the previous rewards!

£50 - A Raffle Ticket!

If you're a fan of LARP props, this reward is for you! You'll be entered into a raffle to win the most important prop from the webseries, the staff of the Druid, full of nature magic and hand-crafted good vibes! You'll also get all the previous rewards!

£75 - A Letter from the Queen! 

It looks like the Queen has noticed your generosity! You'll be recieving a hand-penned thank-you letter, on parchment, from Queen Valmoria Penteghast herself! Stamped with her royal seal in golden wax!  You'll also get all the previous rewards!

£200 - A Young Dragon's Treasure Chest! 

We think you're worth every bit of danger that comes with taking treasure from dragons! This treasure chest is full of loot just for you!  A teardrop stone pendant (the pictured necklace is just a stand-in!), a small crystal, and a handful of gold (chocolate) coins are inside a small hand-decorated wooden box! You'll also get all the previous rewards! 

£500 - An Ancient Dragon's Treasure Chest!

We've traveled to the deepest of depths to steal treasure from the oldest of dragons, just for you!  A miniature version of the Oracle Stone orb, a teardrop stone pendant (the pictured necklace is just a stand-in!),  two small crystals, and a handful of gold (chocolate) coins are inside a large hand-decorated wooden box, and we have attached a personalised tag with your name on it, just to make sure the dragons don't come looking for it! You'll also get all the rewards from £75 and below! 

All of the rewards that need to be mailed will be sent out as soon as possible AFTER FILMING IS COMPLETED. We have set a date for final delivery in December before Christmas - but we feel confident that you'll recieve your rewards much sooner than that! We appreciate your patience in getting everything out to you, but don't worry, we ship worldwide!



What is Homebrew? 


Homebrew (adj.) Any rule or story element originally created or adapted for the use in a game played, usually played at home among friends! 

Homebrew the Webseries is the story of four young school-age girls as they brave a fantasy Live-Action Role Play game travelling through the untamed wilds of their back gardens.

Evie, Shandra, Bailey, and Mia are four friends who learn to work together, escape real life, and protect themselves and the magical realm of their LARP from the evil Troll King. Their task? To protect the Oracle Stone, an ancient magic relic of great power guarded by Queen Valmoria Penteghast (who also happens to be Evie's aunt!). 

How can they hope to succeed against the Troll King and his army? Will they reach Queen Valmoria's tower in time? What power does the Oracle Stone hold? Why does Evie seem to be so sad? 

The only way to find out is to help us fund the webseries! 


Why should I help? 


Well, great question!

The biggest and most important thing we want to get across with our webseries is that  being geeky is an amazing and wonderful thing. Many young girls know that loving princesses and magical fairies is normal, but not a lot of them grow up with the message that wanting to be a knight,  or wanting to play D&D, wanting to sword-fight, wanting to be a hero, is normal. Many young boys - and even older boys - worry about being teased for loving geeky board games, card games, and D&D. That's the stigma we are trying to fight against!

Particularly for a lot of young girls, they are in a stage in their lives where they aren't sure about what they are 'allowed' to enjoy. Perhaps they want to like it, but they don't see a lot of other girls doing it. They don't have that message broadcast to them as often as many young boys do and are hesitant to pursue it. We want to help make sure that everyone understands being a geek is a beautiful thing, and is nothing like what you see in television at the moment. 

We think it's important to teach young girls, older girls, young boys, older boys - that it's okay to be a geek. To play D&D, play make believe, LARP, and be the hero. We want our webseries not just to be a magical fantasy adventure, but to teach young girls to learn how to work together, to protect one another and do good. We want it to speak to young boys about accepting their emotions, learning that there is no such thing as a 'bad' emotion, that emotions are not weakness, and that talking about them is important. 

We want to make this webseries, because we know that if there had been something like this when we were growing up, it would have made us more confident to just be ourselves. 


What do we need? 

Well, more than anything, we need the attention and support of the geeky community! 

All the D&D players, Critters, LARPers, Otakus, Gaming Geeks, and beyond! And to anyone who has never tried, but has wanted to! And all of your family members, definitely including your younger siblings, cousins, and relatives!

Unfortunately not a lot of webseries like Homebrew can be made on pennies and PB&J sandwiches!
(Trust me, we've tried!)

We have set our budget out at £5,000 for the whole webseries, we believe that this amount of money can help us to achieve everything we hope to with our webseries - and to give you an idea of what the money will be used for, you can see our (very basic!) budget breakdown below! 

A basic summary of our budet is that we want to be able to pay a little bit to everyone we employ for the webseries, we want to have access to fantastic locations, authentic costumes, and to make sure everyone gets fed and gets home at the end of filming! 

I know what you're thinking, £5,000 is nothing to sneeze at! Well, we know!

But just think of it this way: if every single person who watched Triskele Productions' last two films donated just £1 to us, we would have over 10x the budget we need to make Homebrew the Webseries amazing! So £1 really does help!



I've donated! What now?

First of all, thank you! You are what makes the dream a reality! 

Second of all, if you still want to help us you can share our teaser trailer, share our crowdfunder link on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and anywhere else you want to! Getting the word out there is just as important as monetary support!


Who is Triskele Productions?

We are a very small but growing start-up film production company focused on creating quality films, webseries, and other content for the Geek Culture community! We have made 3 short films so far, all based on our favourite D&D show Critical Role! (Beware, though our films are PG, some of the language used on the show is not safe for young kids!) 

Our Founder Ellie C. Bright, is a 24-year-old writer and director,  she has been playing D&D and in the LARPing sphere since she was 18 years old! She is also the creative mind behind everything  we make - including Homebrew the Webseries! 

As we have cast and crew sign on, we will announce them over our social media, so make sure to follow us!

We welcome you to be in touch if you have any questions, concerns, or comments! 

Thank you so much for supporting the development of Homebrew the Webseries,  from everyone at

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