The Crown and Anchor a Great British Institution

by Paul Davison in Holy Island, England, United Kingdom

The Crown and Anchor a Great British Institution


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One of only two remaining Pubs. • support our Great British Institution • help in our small island community • supporting our staff

by Paul Davison in Holy Island, England, United Kingdom

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I myself am a chef with 26 years experience in various areas of the hospitality industry and with the support of my fantastic partner and my family I took the plunge back in November 2017 to purchase my dream business. A pub on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, the ‘Crown and Anchor’ Inn.1589721017_5b8fbcf0-0b45-4baa-b62a-545ef7f64c91.jpeg

Steeped in history, and dating back to 1827, she stands boldly against the back drop of a 15th century priory on an Island only passable by a tidal causeway, for a few hours per day. Stood at the heart of a small village with approximately 100 something residents and one of only two remaining pubs from an original ten. I am believed to be the thirteenth licensee over the past 193 years.The thirteenth licensee? In the current climate some people maybe superstitious, but I believe that with a small amount of support from those people that can help, we and the ‘Crown’ will be here for another 200 years (well maybe not me!).1589886663_07a24fcd-211a-4e83-922f-230923fc9afa.jpeg1589886212_e9bbdc0c-88d5-4435-9a85-f4d4fa79d87a.jpeg

 Like many pubs the C&A are facing challenges due to C-19, we're offering you the chance to help out a local business and snag some great rewards at the same time.

We are looking to ensure the survival of a truly ‘great British institution’ which is enjoyed by both two and four legged friends. 1589882766_crown1.jpeg
We are also developing plans to financially support our staff and keep us in business. Should the need arise, this crowd funder is set up as a way for customers to purchase vouchers for a future visit to The Crown and Anchor Inn once we reopen.We are offering you the chance to purchase meals, stay in our b’n’b and beverages for future visits. Or to make donations to help us survive the short/long term effects of covid-19

Sending you all our wishes to stay well, stay fit and stay safe  
Paul, Helen and ‘Crew’1589719599_e2dc5871-2969-492f-85f1-05d0faabe777.jpeg

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