Hiddn Travel Presents The Six Figure Social

by Lewis Ellis in Rossendale, England, United Kingdom


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We aim to crowdfund our business using social content and TikTok's (alongside goodwill) to raise £100,000 to fund our travel startup.

by Lewis Ellis in Rossendale, England, United Kingdom

We're trying something totally crazy! And who knows, it just might work. In 2005 Alex Tew made a website called The Milllion Dollar Homepage! He basically sold a million pixels on a website as advertisement and businesses/brands could help fund his studies by purchasing those pixels for $1 each and own a piece of history. 

Inspired by this (and currently loving TikTok's) Lewis Ellis, the co-founder at Hiddn Travel, thought why not make 30 second TikTok's for businesses/brands sharing them across his social following and charging £100. 

The mission? It's simple! sell 1000 TikTok's that incorporates a business/service in a creative way, share this with a large following, they get free promotion and a little bit of fun content, we get support to start the business. Win, win!

If you'd like to just donate to the campaign without having a TikTok we'd be more than happy fo you to do so. We would include you on our website 'about us' in a thank you section that will highlight your support in the startup. 

If you'd like to purchase a TikTok and have that featured on The Six Figure Social website and also shared across Lewis's social, please donate, then email lewis@hussel.co.uk with a few bullet points about your business and any relevant social media for us to tag you. (Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter)

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of travel, Hiddn Travel hopes to rejuvenate youth travel. 

Visit www.thesixfiguresocial.com for more information on the project. 

Let's make 'Hiddn Travel Presents The Six Figure Social' happen

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