by Emma Drew in Hove, England, United Kingdom

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Save the Hera Arts and Health Project at Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre (BHWC)

by Emma Drew in Hove, England, United Kingdom


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We need urgent help to save our Health and Arts programme - we need to match the funding grant from the Arts Council to run a bigger, better, three-year programme that can reach many more patients. 

By helping us reach our year one funding goal of £101,500 we can guarantee the future of the programme.


The HERA arts project at Brighton Health & Wellbeing Centre is a network of programmes using arts and creative practices that enhance the quality of life, health and wellbeing of our patients, staff and community. We provide access to high-quality arts activities for people struggling with long term mental and physical illness. The HERA project also creates an inspiring enviroment to all of our patients as they sit in our waiting room which doubles up as a Wellbeing Gallery:

There is a wealth of high quality evidence which indisputably shows the health benefits of engagement in creative practices such as singing and writing. This extends from data around improvements in lung function and motor control, to extensive evidence showing improvements in mental health and wellbeing . 

Our patients tell us that Hera has helped them to develop rich and meaningful lives alongside chronic disease and in many cases helped with and maintained recovery.

Finding Your Compass was part of Year 1 of Hera and shows the creativity we deliver on the Hera project. The Finding Your Compass pilot film 2014 - Fiona Geillinger and Dr Rosaria Gracia:

The project is a UK first in offering a range of different art form activities within a GP/primary care setting, and as such offers creative activity for an extraordinarily broad range of local people ranging from the very vulnerable and those who have not tried the arts since leaving school to those with professional artistic ambitions and experience.

After a small trial, we received funding from the Arts Council and Brighton & Hove City Council to run a pilot programme from 2015 to 2017. We delivered four times our original target number of creative sessions with patients and the project was a great success. We were also able to learn what to change and improve.

We are now delighted that Arts Council England has agreed to fund a scaling up of Hera from 2018 to 2021, alongside a training programme in arts and health for health professionals called Sea Change. 

We are asking our community to help raise the matched funding we need to make Hera happen!

*This crowdfunding campaign has started with the Arts Council England funding of £47,500. 


Our Hera signed THANK YOU postcard. Photograph by Hera therapist, Dan Blomfield:



  • Creative Writing and Narrative Medicine
  • Photography Walks
  • Visual Arts (painting, print making)
  • Art Therapy
  • Dance and Movement
  • Singing For Better Health
  • Filmmaking
  • Creative Technology
  • Wellbeing Gallery (that's our waiting room!)


We offer drop-in sessions, ‘tasters’, and longer programmes, which means we can support patients with a variety of interests and talents. 

Our approach is non-judgmental, inclusive and enjoyable, while the quality, accessibility and safety of activities are key to the programme’s success.

Hera is being delivered by BHWC's charity, the Robin Hood Health Foundation.


  • To provide access to high quality arts activities to those who are otherwise excluded due to health concerns, free of charge to participants.
  • To use creative activities to deliver improved health and social outcomes for patients, and reduce social isolation
  • To use the arts to create better clinicians, and integrate artist/clinician learning
  • To inform research, testing insights across medicine, the arts, literature and the social sciences. 
  • We wish to work with NICE, CCGs and universities to establish a robust relationship model between primary care and the arts
  • To share our findings with the arts community and health care providers


  • Improved physical and mental health for many participants.
  • Improved ability and confidence to self-manage health conditions.
  • Improved social support and friendships
  • Reduced need for secondary care services like hospital appointments.
  • Sustained recovery better self-reported wellbeing
  • Reduced demand on GP time.
  • People ENJOYED the sessions!

Our data is consistent with the findings of the All Party Parliamentary Group on arts and health, which recommends that programmes like ours should be embedded in health care.


About Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre and the ROBIN HOOD HEALTH FOUNDATION

BHWC is one of the first NHS practices in the UK to truly integrate complementary therapies and arts activity with GP services. We were founded in 2013 as a response to the increasing pressures on the NHS, recognising that conventional medicine does not always hold all the solutions to a person's health concerns. 

We believe that conventional medicine and other approaches can work together to support wellbeing. The community we serve has high numbers of people with mental health concerns, substance misuse problems and HIV, as well as a significant LGBTQI+ population, and a concentration of adults at either end of the age spectrum.

The Robin Hood Health Foundation was set up as a separate registered charity in 2016, to resource, manage and deliver arts and health work that is not currently funded by the NHS but that we know delivers benefits for patients.





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Laurence King Publishing is an award-winning publisher of art books for adults and children, with a reputation for high quality design and commissioning world leading authors and have kindly donated the following hardback books which you can purchase with our Hera shopper bag for £50 each (books retail for approx £30).

Art Books for Kids:

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more


A huge thank you for your donation and contributing towards our second year of HERA! We'll give you a nice shout out on our Facebook page (unless you tell us otherwise).

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Receive a beautiful limited edition signed post card photo by photographer Dan Blomfield and GP Laura Marshall-Andrews and the HERA team

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Signed limited print by Jude Hart

Local artist Jude Hart designed the Brighton and Hove Wellbeing Centre master print which many of you have complemented on in our surgery. Now this print if available for purchase during the crowdfunding campaign - it's limited and signed by Jude. Unframed. Postage included.

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Fingerprints and Art! All you need to inspire young children. This comes with a Hera Shopper! Collection from BHWC

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One of the best art books available for young kids (age 5/6) by Marion Deuchars. Plus the Hera Shopper bag. Collection from BHWC

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A2Z presents in this beautiful hardback book (not available on Amazon!) by Julian Rothenstein and Mel Goodingof. The book is an astonishing array of alphabets, emblems, letters and signs with stunning graphics drawn from classic modernist publications and obscure professional manuals. Includes the Hera Shopper bag. Must be collected from BHWC in Brighton.

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Bystander: A History of Street Photography

Photography features heavily in our Hera programme and this hardback edition comes with a Hera Shopper! Collection from BHWC

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Lunch with Bob Marshall-Andrews QC

You may or may not know that Laura's father is the brilliant Bob Marshall-Andrews QC. Bob is going to take you out to lunch in London - either at the House of Commons or at The Wolseley in Piccadilly. We will pick up the tab!

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