Helping a very poorly girl have a holiday.

by Matthew Noble in Hartlepool, England, United Kingdom

Helping a very poorly girl have a holiday.


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We aim to raise money for Natalie who has Cystic Fibrosis and is very poorly to be able to have a holiday to Turkey 2022.

by Matthew Noble in Hartlepool, England, United Kingdom

  We are trying to raise money for Natalie who has Cystic Fibrosis and is very poorly. Cystic Fibrosis is a inherited condition that causes sticky mucus to build up in the lungs. It is a very hard and exhausting condition which really affects her breathing and immune system. Its a life threatening illness which attacks alot of organs. Natalie also has Cystic Fib1625839596_img-20210617-wa0000.jpgrosis related Diabetes. We are trying to help her have a holiday to Turkey 2022. The insurance for Natalie is really high because of her complex condition this is why we are trying to raise money for Natalie. I have had to stop working to care for Natalie full time and this has had a hugh affect on our finances. She has had a really bad few years and this could be the last time she has the opportunity to have this holiday with her health deteriorating and is now on 40% 0xygen and struggling every day, she is mostly in a wheelchair now as her health and breathing is not good. Natalie needs a break from the hospital all the time and have the time to enjoy her favourite place to go away. Please help us put the smile back on her face. She has had it hard over these past few years with Open Heart Surgery, a TIPPS procedure on her Liver and fluids leaking from her Liver which meant that she had 10 plus liters of fluid which weighed over a stone on her stomach. She had to go to the Freemans Hospital every 3 weeks to get it drained. Natalie has been in hospital 3 times already this year alone. The last time was in May 2021. Natalie was put onto 90% oxygen as she could not breathe. She got rushed in and the doctors said they didn't think she would make it, so they rang family to come to see her at the hospital but luckily she pulled through. 1625839514_img-20210612-wa0004.jpg

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