Help Us Relocate the Springwood Sanctuary Herd

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Project by Jacqui Howe

Help Us Relocate the Springwood Sanctuary Herd

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Project by Jacqui Howe


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We are aiming to raise enough money to move the Springwood herd of 11 horses, ponies and donkeys to our new sanctuary in Wales in two weeks!

Springwood Sanctuary is a privately funded, non-profit sanctuary in West Sussex. The sanctuary is home to a free-roaming herd of rescued and rehabilitated horses, ponies and donkeys who enjoy a natural and peaceful existence. As well as caring for the herd and the land holistically, we also share mindfulness in nature and wellbeing retreats with visitors and volunteers and we support others to set up similar sanctuaries.

Unfortunately, in September we were given the news that our landlady will be moving, as very sadly her husband passed away earlier this year having lost a long battle with cancer. So, our search for new land re-commenced. 

During the past eight years we have been growing the sanctuary and expanding our community with the intention of finding permanent land for the herd to give them the long-term security and safety they so desperately need. At long last we are able to achieve this with the support of a charity who are offering us land and a home in Wales. We are so happy that it will at last be the herd’s FOREVER HOME!  


We’ve also been seeking a space to enable even greater social impact for the most vulnerable people in society. Amazingly, the land we are moving to in Wales was bought by the charity to enable social change, model a sustainable way of living and engender kindness and compassion to each other and the earth. We are delighted to not only have a safe home for the herd but also to set up a retreat centre, develop a community vegetable garden and continue our much needed sanctuary work. This opportunity has arisen at a crucial time when the need is so great, with sadly so many people suffering with mental health difficulties. 

So, on 11th November we will be relocating the Springwood herd to KindaVillage, nestled in the beautiful South Wales countryside. The land has incredible energy with a spring which supplies the retreat cottages as well as sparkling white quartz under the ground, a meandering river, hills and many beautiful old trees. The eleven horses, ponies and donkeys will have 80 acres of Welsh countryside to explore and we will once again be living on site to care for their every need. 

However, the cost of moving the herd and all of their shelters and necessary equipment is huge, so your generosity and support is vitally needed to ensure we can care for the herd and move them as safely and peacefully as possible through this huge transition. We have created and been given lots of beautiful gifts to offer you in exchange for your greatly appreciated support which we hope that you will enjoy!


More about the Sanctuary

The sanctuary provides the herd with undulating expanses of meadow grasses to graze and stretch their legs in carefree abandon and the enrichment of wild medicinal plants, many native hedges and trees which the herd can browse, explore and find natural shelter. Our ethos is to create ‘heaven on earth’ – a peaceful place where all beings can thrive, and to support others to set up similar sanctuaries.

Our herd are looked after by our loving community of volunteers, all of whom are passionate about caring for and bringing these beautiful animals a peaceful life.


In addition to supporting these rescued animals, the sanctuary provides mindfulness retreats and volunteering for people struggling with mental health difficulties. Spending time immersing in nature, whilst in the company of these calm and peaceful animals who are not used in any way, is very healing for mind, body and soul.


The Herd

The horses, ponies and donkeys we have rescued have sadly experienced extreme past trauma - many of them were due to be put to sleep because they were unable to be rehabilitated in conventional ways after they had been deemed to no longer 'serve their purpose' in the racing, polo, petting farm and riding school industries. Our many years of holistic equine experience, combined with animal healing and communication techniques have enabled a unique and incredibly effective way of listening to and rehabilitating even the most troubled souls - the herd now live peacefully and thrive psychologically, emotionally and physically.


Your Donations

We realise that many across the world are still struggling during these difficult times and therefore we want to assure you that your donations will be put to good use. The herd is and always will be our main priority therefore we have not factored our own moving costs into this amount, nor do we receive a salary from the sanctuary, so that the impact you can have in supporting these beautiful animals will not be diminished. 

We have estimated that the herd’s moving costs will total £19,500 so we desperately need your help to make this happen! This money will allow us to safely transport them together as a herd, their current shelters and all existing Mudcontrol slabs. With your support we will also be able to afford adequate fencing for the land as well as buying the necessary new Mudcontrol slabs to create enough safe hard standing in various areas across their new home.

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