Help us make Maverick Brewing a reality

by Martin Hoddinott in Farnham, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 30th August 2020 we successfully raised £10,925 with 134 supporters in 39 days

We are aiming to raise the funds to kick start the brewery build and tap room development so we can launch Maverick Brewing

by Martin Hoddinott in Farnham, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If we could raise our stretch target and beyond through our fabulous backers we would be able to invest further in the refurb and build of the brewery and tap room. We will be able to get some more things done early such as invest in more tables and chairs for outside, install a cold room or refurbish the tap room further into a cool and unique spot to hang out in right from the get go. Every bit extra means we will be able to do more with your support.

We are Maverick; a new kind of micro-brewing business and tap room, setting up in central Farnham from Autumn 2020. 

We are launching Maverick Brewing not just as a company that makes great beers and provides an amazing place to meet and hang out, but also as a proactive force within the community, offering up opportunities and work experience direct to the people who need it. 1594464160_logo3.jpg

And that is why we are asking for YOUR help to make this business a reality.


I’m Martin (everyone calls me Hod) and I started my career in the process industry learning about engineering and chemistry while working for both small start-ups and multinational businesses. I might have done a bit of brewing along the way as well......

These experiences have given me the knowledge, skills and know-how to make a successful business out of my passion to brew beer. 

But the motivation behind Maverick is more than that; it is borne out of my many years of seeing opportunities missed by businesses to benefit not just the people who work for them but for the communities around them. 

It’s simple economics; beer for good is good business.


Being different, creating the unexpected and not doing the “done thing” is what we are about. Be it the drinks that we craft or the way we do business, we are all about having a good time, innovating and trying out new things, and welcoming everyone to be a bit more Maverick like us. 

We have been developing our brewing style and beers for over 3 years, and we want to produce the most consistent, tasty and fresh beer possible. We like to brew what we love to drink; soft and hoppy pale ales, hazy IPA's, and expressive European styles - deliciously distinctive beers with a rebellious streak. 


We believe that the people that work with us, that come and drink our beer, and hang out with us, are part of Maverick; and these people are what will make us great.


We want Maverick to become a focal point for the community; the relaxing, go-to place for a great beer and great company of course, but also a hub at the heart of the action. 

We’ll be working with the community and providing opportunity and skills through our one-on-one training and work experience schemes. We will use all the skills that brewing has to offer married with a totally free-thinking and  focused approach to mentoring; we don’t just want to educate people we want to help them see life differently. 

We’ll work with people who need new skills, a change in career, or even just the motivation to make a change in their life. We are here for everyone across all walks of life and background.

By taking this approach Maverick will be able to directly benefit the community around us. And let’s be honest, that is needed more now than ever in the ‘new normal’ with so many affected by the COVID-19 crisis. 


Our 10 Hectolitre Brewhouse has been in storage ever since COVID-19 struck when things all got a bit weird and we had to put our plans on hold. 


With this Brewhouse we will be able to get up and running straight away and supply our tap room with fresh pours and fresh cans for you to take away, as well as supplying local bars and independent outlets. 


Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, access to the funds to complete the build of the Maverick Brewery from conventional forms have disappeared overnight. 

We have already invested money in the Brewhouse and other areas, but we need to raise the remaining funds to make this last step a reality. 

Getting the backing from you will mean that not only can we finally launch Maverick to the world, and start making our awesome hop focused beers available to you to discover and enjoy, but it also means we can accelerate our plans to deliver back to the community through recruitment and accessible venue space.  

Great beer and community spirit - what better partnership is there?



We have the plans and designs in place to fit out the brewery and tap room.

We have secured a fabulous location in central Farnham that gives us the brewing space we need to be able to brew and grow into it over the coming years while we integrate with the community. 

This is how we plan to install and arrange the brewhouse that you will be able to see while you relax and have a few socially distanced beers.


Since COVID-19 we have seen a massive change in peoples drinking habits. People have changed to take away beers direct from breweries in addition to online ordering of fresh cans for home delivery.


We recognise these changes in habits and we have built this into our plan. We were always going to produce cans for home delivery, and for collection from the brewery. Our brew house is already designed to enable us to produce small pack and cans right from day one and we have the plans in place for us to do that.


While social distancing is in place, we can meet those needs both in the tap room and with our outside seating. In addition we are going to launch a fully functioning website for safe ordering of cans for pickup at the brewery and for home deliveries.


We have been working on Maverick for over three years; developing new recipes, improving and refining the beer to produce the most exciting beers we can.  We have three incredible beers that we plan to launch with, to showcase our style of soft and hoppy beers, and also crisp saisons that we love to brew. We have also found some amazing local artists that we want to showcase on our cans and exhibit in the community focused tap room.


We plan to launch with these beers on tap and in cans at the brewery in time for the Christmas celebrations and gifts as well as rewards to our amazing backers. 

Of course, we won’t just stop there! We plan to develop, brew and regularly release more new, exciting beers as we grow. Including collaborations with some of our friends. We have so many exciting beers to show you all.


We will launch the opening of the brewery and tap room with an exclusive party, just for our backers, linked to the rewards packages in our crowdfund. We’ll have awesome live music, an awesome atmosphere, some surprises, which will all be possible because of our generous backers and you will all have a chance to raise a glass, to celebrate with us. 

We really hope you can be there.

It has been our love and passion to brew and create - getting a thrill every time someone drinks and enjoys our beer. It is that enthusiasm, that thrill, and our desire to make a positive difference to the lives of the people in our community, that drives us and has got us to where we are now.

And now is the time for us to make this become a reality with your help.


We want to use all we have learnt to create a business that delivers sensational beer and good times but also gives back to the community, providing opportunities and training to those that really need it. 

As we start to discover the outside world again and experience what the new normal has to offer, there has never been a better time, or greater motivation, for Maverick Brewing to become a reality and start connecting with the community. 

Come and join us on our journey and be a bit more Maverick…

If your questions are still unanswered or you have other ways for you to get involved in helping Maverick launch then please get in touch at [email protected]



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£30 or more

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Investors wall!!

Get your name held in place for history on the Maverick investors wall of fame in the tap room! Plus get an invite to our backers launch party. If you are not able to make it in person we will take a pic of your space on the investors wall and shout you out on social media for being a founder and part of the start of the Maverick Journey!!

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Helping us on our way

Its just a donation. Your helping us achieve something great and we will salute you for that on the website and social media with a shout out!!

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Getting Started

Get an exclusive Maverick Branded Craft Beer Glass. Plus get a huge thank you from us by getting a beer to put in your glass when you come and collect your reward from the tap room. Come and say hi and lets talk beer!

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A limited edition design Maverick T-shirt sent to your door. Its as simple as that.

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Be a Maverick Legend

Get £75 back spend in the tap room or in our online shop (excludes p&p) plus get an invite to our backers launch party

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Christmas Gift Bag

Come to the brewery and collect your own Maverick Brewing Tote bag filled with a 4 pack of our fresh beers, Maverick T-Shirt and a Maverick Glass. A perfect Christmas present!!

£100 or more

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Maverick Brewery Tour

You and a friend come and join us for an full afternoon brewery and tap room tour of Maverick HQ followed by a tailored beer tasting with our Founder & head brewer. Plus you will leave with a Maverick T-shirt, a Maverick glass and a tote bag. 4 dates to choose from.

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Party animal!!!

Get £150 to spend in the tap room or in our online shop (excludes p&p) plus get your name on our investors wall and an invite to our backers launch party

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Now we are talking

Get a whopping £200 to spend in the tap room or in our online shop (excludes p&p) plus get your name on the investor's wall and an invite to our investor's launch party.

£200 or more

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You and a friend be part of a Maverick Brew Day

Come and take part in a brew day with us. An exclusive experience for you and a friend. You will get to spend the whole day with us brewing one of our awesome beers (and learning our secrets!). The day will consist of brew day activities, lunch on us, a guided beer tasting covering maverick beers and also some of our favorites brewed by our friends, plus a your name on our investor's wall and Maverick Merch to take home with you

£500 or more

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Maverick Private Party

1 night exclusive private hire of the tap room & brewery for your own special event for you and your friends, up to our capacity limit which we expect to be around 60. Come and celebrate and party in a one off venue like no other with our modern and delicious craft beers. Plus you will get a £300 bar tab to celebrate the night away with your friends.

£1,500 or more

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Your own Maverick Celebration

This once in a life time reward will give you private hire of the brewery and tap room to hold your own very special private dining experience. A four course meal event compered by our founder and head brewer will be prepared and served by our good friends from The Natural Cook Company for just you and 11 of your friends. As well as all of the above this amazing experience comes with an unlimited Maverick beer tab for the evening.

£3,000 or more

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A home Maverick Bar + beer for a year!

We will come and deliver a 2 tap Maverick draft system to your house so you can pour your own Maverick chilled draft beer in the comfort of your home. To top this we will provide you with a 30L keg of beer every month for 12 months to make sure you always have beer on tap for you and your friends. Be the envy of your mates. Restricted to UK only.

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