Help us grow, help us survive.

by David Breen in Wylam, England, United Kingdom

Help us grow, help us survive.


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The COVID-19 pandemic has closed 50% of my business, I need your support to grow, survive and prosper.

by David Breen in Wylam, England, United Kingdom

Hi, I am David Breen, if you are reading this you probably know me through one of my roles as a trainer or training manager in either Telewest, Virgin Media or many different companies during the last 25 years or so. You could of course be a friend, or social media contact, or have been sent this by someone who thinks I offer something of value. Thank you all for taking the time to read my story and challenge.

10 years ago, I set up my own company, mainly to help me see my young family grow, to have more choices in what I did, who I did it for and when. I like to think that through both my corporate roles, and since, I have added value to many people’s careers, gave them new perspectives and skills. I certainly have stood in front of many thousands of people, whether they were there to learn about the company they had just joined, a new process being introduced or even at a more personal level, themselves through 121 coaching. 

My company m3ntor Ltd has always offered both face to face training and online access to learning courses, documentation, workbooks and templates. At the beginning of 2020 I was positively looking forward to a great year, I had nearly a full order book, had begun servicing some exciting new projects and maintaining longer term relationships and friendships. We all know what happened in those first few months and many have suffered worse than myself, my story is simple in comparison to many. During a single week in March I received 3 emails, the result of which was that half my yearly revenue had gone and there was no prospect of it ever coming back, in the training world you are paid for your time, and you cannot get that back again.

Most of us thought things would be back to some form of normality come Autumn, but we were wrong. So here I am 6 months later, still servicing my online customers, still in business but running at less than half my revenue, with all the overheads still at 100%. The prospect of face to face training coming back is not likely anytime soon, so I need to reinvent to survive.

My challenge.

If my business is to continue to survive long term, I need to change direction. If I am to continue to offer value to those in work and careers, then I need to change how I do things. I need to move m3ntor from a partial online business to 100% online and everything that involves. 


Fortunately, a lot of that is already in place, but it needs to be scaled up, expanded, more innovative and dynamic, which is costly. There are little to no grants or government money available to do it, the risk of taking onerous business loans isn’t attractive with a young, growing family, so I need to fund it myself. Like many businesses my size, we work with a tight budget, and the last 6 months running at 50% has certainly impacted that, so I am looking to this crowdfunding community for support.

I have a viable business, my plan is to expand what I currently do, but do it better, so risks are low, costs unfortunately aren’t. Early next year I must fund my platform and licensing costs, these costs are payable upfront and now need to increase to support my future business model. 

I would dearly love to continue supporting you all and new customers, but I need you to help me do that.


Please support us.



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121 online coaching - 5 sessions

121 online coaching - 5 sessions of coaching, each session around 1 hour in duration. Coaching can be used to support your current development, goal setting, exploring career decisions or aspects more personal.

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