Help us get on the high street

by Rebecca Sakulku in London, England, United Kingdom

Help us get on the high street
We did it
On 19th April 2021 we successfully raised £320 with 11 supporters in 42 days

To expand our eco friendly store and move up on to the Crystal palace triangle, so we can create a friendly eco hub for everyone

by Rebecca Sakulku in London, England, United Kingdom

We are planning to expand! Will you help us?

We’ve been operating for over two years in our little garage space on Haynes lane, but its time for us to spread our wings and get on the high street so we can reach more people.

We’re re branding and expanding our range, and we’ve got an eye on the old Cambridge pub at the top of Westow Hill… but we can’t do it without your help!



Who are we?

Roots and Cycles—soon to become “The Walkthrough”—is a our hidden cove that has been serving a community of environmentally conscious customers since October 2018. We source locally produced household and beauty products. All of our refill products function on a closed loop system, minimising the creation and use of new packaging. We’ve been a hub of activity (even during lock down) and have helped lots of local people cut down on their consumption, spending, and of course lots of single use plastic. 


What we have done so far?


*Thank you Jem for making the infographic and thanks to Adam for helping me with the maths.

We've come a long way since 2018, selling over 25,000 litres of cleaning and bathroom liquids, along with over a1000kg of bath salts and just under 10kg of body butter (at the time of writing)



What do we want to achieve?

  • Provide the Crystal Palace community with affordable high quality earth friendly products, prioritising locally made and locally grown.
  • Ensure that every product on our shelves is single use plastic free and refillable.
  • Continue to work with local makers to help them expand and grow their businesses. 
  • Organic everything!
  • Help educate, inform and connect with one another to know more about living in harmony with nature.


What will we offer?

  •  - Essential oils, hydrosols, carrier oils, cooking oils and vinegar all on tap
  •  - Medicinal herbs and teas, organic, UK grown and sourced from afar
  •  - Various natural minerals in bulk, including magnesium salts, citric acid, and natural bleach
  •  - Raw nut butters including shea and cacao
  •  - British made refillable cleaning products
  •  - Dry food stuff
  •  - Organic fresh fruit and vegetables
  •  - Gluten free foods
  •  - Bicycle delivery service
  •  - Drop off and collect service




What else are you doing except refilling?

- We prioritise raw ingredients and will provide products in their most raw form to encourage more DIY at home. Not every household is the same so why should all your products be.

- Workshop space - The old Cambridge building would allow us to host and offer space for a number of workshops (all eco related of course) which will let us create an exciting hub for the community.

- Wholesale membership scheme

--Exclusive access to products we might not sell in store and bulk buying direct from our wholesalers, saving money and shopping trips in the long term.

- Pay it forward/discounts for people on benefits

- No food waste 

-- Nothing will go to waste. Any food close to their sell by date will be offered at cost price or given away to those who need it. 

- Complete transparency

 Something you won’t see anywhere else is the extreme detail and information we present in our research of products.



Where will the money go?


 We will opt for second hand as much as we can and have already started collecting shelving that we can use, saving on some minor costs down the line. We hope to relocate by the summer, but not everything always goes to plan so we're leaving some room for growing pains. Don't worry though, we continue to be on Haynes lane, so you can still come and see us six days a week.

The sourcing of products is the most important part of what we do so if you ever discover anything about our stock that may be harmful or unethical, we want to hear about it because chances are we haven't thought about it.


What happens if we dont reach our target?

We'll look at a smaller retail unit around the Crystal palace area and reserve funds for stock and equpiment. We're looking at the Cambridge because we love the space and we know what to do with it.

Its has been a joy to share this journey with you all so far-- with all of us together helping make a better world. We're really looking forward to taking the next step with you.

Other ways you can help

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£40 or more

£40 store credit

Donate £40 and recieve £40 store credit when we open and a 10% on your first shop

£10 or more

Donate £10

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10% discount on your first shop

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15% discount on your first shop

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£20 or more

Donate toilet paper to local food bank

£20 will allow us to donate 5 packs of 9 roll toilet paper (plastic free and recycled) to our local food bank.

£25 or more

Donate sanitary products to local food bank

We will donate organic cotton plastic free santitary products to our local food bank. £25 will buy 6 boxes of 20 pack tampons and 6 boxes of 10 pack sanitary pads.

£30 or more

2 of 30 claimed

Candle lover

Three large aromatherapy candles made with soya wax and essential oils, with various scents to choose from

£35 or more

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Pasta lover

Recieve 2kg of organic wholewheat pasta or spaghetti every month, for six months

£35 or more

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Rice lover

Choose between a 20kg sack of: Organic brown long grain rice or Organic brown basmatic rice

£50 or more

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£50 store credit

Donate £50 and recieve £50 store credit when we open and a 10% on your first shop

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Candle lover xtra

Six large aromatherapy candles made with soya wax and essential oils, with various scents to choose from

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Household bundle

Recieve a mix and match of different refill products every month, for twelve months - choose your options

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One years bulk membership

Claim one years membership to access bulk buying discounts

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Membership and discounts

Same as £100 reward, plus 20% discount on your first 5 shops

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Membership, discounts and store credit

Same as £150 reward plus £50 store credit when we open and 10% discount on your first first shops

£500 or more

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Your potrait in our shop mural

Donate £500 and we'll add your potrait to our wall art in the shop. Also recieve a 20% discount on your first 5 shops and one year membership to our exclusive wholesale discounts and offers.

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Lifetime membership

Same as £500 reward plus 10% discount for life.

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