Help! save the Balcony Cafe @The Glasgow climbing

by Liam Mcalpine in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Help! save the Balcony Cafe @The Glasgow climbing


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We need your Help! For years we have been described as a hidden gem. We can hide no more, Help us survive this crisis.

by Liam Mcalpine in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

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The extra money would be used to buy extra kitchen equipment to make our dishes even more special !

Hi Everyone.  

We need your help.

My Name is Liam Mcalpine.  I have been a passionate foodie all my life and a chef for the last 16 years.   I have been head chef at the Balcony cafe within the Glasgow Climbing Centre for almost 10 years.  Together with my partner Louise we also run both the Balcony cafe and  the amazing Flavabomb project kitchen.   A taster menu event held in and around Glasgow. 

The last few weeks have been some of the most stressful moments in of our lives.  I have definitely felt the pressure.  I am a super positive person and can see all the messages of support and kind words from all our amazing customers and i am grateful for them all. You guys are keeping me going.  

With a new baby on the way and no date in sight for when we can officially open I have taken the risky move of taking ownership of The Balcony Cafe for myself.   For many weeks it was a real possibility that we would never open again.   Today I sit here typing these words completely encouraged and focused on the task of safe guarding my staff and also my families future.    

Pressure creates diamonds.  

I am not asking for charity just a small hand to get us off the ground.  By pre paying for a brunch, a cake or even a spot on our Flavabomb project events you are allowing us to safe guard our future.  

You will be reading this and perhaps you have never even been to the cafe or the project. You really are the person that can make a difference.  If you have met me,  you will have seen my passion and willingness to share recipes or even one of my wee videos and taken some of my knowledge bombs or Flavabomb tips.   

Now is your chance. Be a hero.  Make a donation. Like or share one of our posts. Spread the word and help us get our name out there. 

Support a local business. 

Lots of Love Liam, Louise, Molly, bump and the whole cafe team past and present 

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