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by Maddy Alexander-Grout in Southampton, England, United Kingdom


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We are fighting to get more people to shop local, Help to save My VIP Card so we can continue to help people to support small businesses

by Maddy Alexander-Grout in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

After we have hit our target we will be adding an additional reward, Our brand new Keyworker Card - anyone who pledges £15 for this reward will see £5 of their pledge donated to Hampshire Air Ambulance , we think they have been forgotten a little bit in all of this and they do such an amazing job we want to help them with a share of what we raise 

The rest of the money raised over 4k will be put into extra advertising for business partners,  we are currently working on a hub for our business partners so they can get business training and support on the move to fit in with their busy schedules, And we are also implementing a business partner benefit scheme to help our businesses save money on things like merchant services, insurance, and business utilities which we will be giving to our business partners free of charge 

We also want to add a spend tracker feature to the My VIP Card app, this is something that our card holders are really keen to add , by adding this feature we can also track the most popular places people visit so that we can help the more struggling businesses. 

Anything left after this will be used to upgrade the My VIP Card website and map franchise territories to help empower women to run their own My VIP Card franchise and help other geographic locations across the UK to shop local 

Who we are, What we do and why we need help....

My VIP Card is a discount app and employee benefit scheme that helps people to save money when they support small businesses

We are aiming to raise £4,000 to continue to help people to shop local, which after lockdown is over will be more important than it ever has been before. 

We help small businesses to get exposure and new customers through our platforms, we don't take any money from them for advertising or any commissions on what they sell , and we have saved several small businesses from closing down by sending our card holders their way. And have helped them to achieve customer loyalty without spending a fortune on their own loyalty schemes.

We usually make our money from people buying cards so they can save money when they support our local businesses - due to Covid19 we are no longer selling cards, So we cannot afford to pay to keep the business open.

I have opted not to furlough as the businesses I support need my help, and if I cant work I cant support them.

We are a community and everything we do is to help small and local businesses to thrive whether they are high street based , online or working from home.

We are so blessed to have the support of our amazing business partners who have donated some amazing rewards to help us to fund raise

Here are some testimonials from some of our small businesses......

"My VIP Card has kept us in business, we were going to close down after a really bad run, but signing up to My VIP Card increased our customers so much we decided to stay open, I am now retiring and I wish I had found My VIP Card sooner" Steve- Southampton

"I joined my VIP card 2 days ago as a business (BabyBoom) and I have had my first sale already!! Maddy has been extremely helpful to get me set up and to show me the ropes with everything. I really wasn’t expecting to be seen so quickly let alone receive orders straight away! " Leanne -  Southampton

"I started my business last year and joined a networking group. Maddy commented on a post and said she could help me promote my business. The heart of her business is about helping others and she always wears her heart on her sleeve. She is so awesome and I am so happy to have been a business partner for well over a year now! Don't hesitate to get a card and start saving, shopping local and supporting small businesses" Erin- Basingstoke 

"I absolutely love My VIP Card, i am a card hold as well as a business on the card, the business owners side really helped us pick up so new wonderful customers in fact it did triple our intake, but remember you have to advertise your business! It takes 2 minutes so make a cuppa, take a pew, and get your (free) yes I said free advertising" Ann - Portsmouth

We are proud business partners and have seen new customers due to My VIP Card!, this is an amazing card which deserves every award it's won- Jen - Hedge End 

My Story......

I set up My VIP Card in 2017 after suffering with a serious mental health condition called Post Natal Psychosis, I was housebound after the birth of my son Ben, as I was scared I would kill him if we left the house, I have experienced lockdown from this perspective before. I got some help in the form of counselling and started to leave the house more, I found comfort in visiting local coffee shops, soft plays, and independent retailers, and the more I supported my local community the better I felt,  I set up My VIP Card so I could give something back to the community that essentially saved my life so I could help businesses to get more customers and people to save money when they shop local, as well as helping mums who had experienced similar issues to me with their mental health,

3 years on we have won 12 awards, been featured in national press and have recently franchised so we can help people to shop local across the UK, we support over 2,000 independent cafes, shops, retailers and small businesses around Hampshire and are starting to get more businesses signed up across the UK. 

We are currently giving extra advertising to our partners , as well as providing  weekly business growth training and monthly networking free of charge,  to help our small businesses through these tough times. And we have given our card holders 3 months extra on their cards for free even though they can still support local online and still have access to all of our national discounts

We have also just launched Card for Keyworkers which is My VIP Card for Keyworkers with a 30% donation to the NHS , which we would love to be a permanent product in our shop.

Solent LEP have very kindly agreed to match funds if we raise over 2k so anything you can donate would be so gratefully received.

Anything you donate will help us to support more businesses UK wide and will help us to continue to offer free advertising and platform for people to get exposure for their business

Thank you so much in advance for your support, make sure you check out our awesome rewards kindly donated by some of the My VIP Card Businesses we currently work with.

If we reach our target we will release new rewards! and a percentage of anything we raise over target will be donated to Hampshire Air Ambulance 

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