Mummy Meagz - a vegan pensioner's dream!

In a world full of inequalities my mission is to create impossibly indulgent vegan snacks that are suitable for EVERYONE. Please support me.

We did it!

On 8th Jun 2018 we successfully raised £10,724 of £10,000 target with 209 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Now we have reached our target - thank you so much - Mummy Meagz will need a helping hand. 

Please keep going and help Mummy Meagz employ her first full-time member of staff, she's 70 after all! 

Pensioner Mummy Meagz Starts Vegan Snack Company to ‘Prove Everyone Wrong’

Headline by LIVEKINDLY (full article here)

Who am I?

I'm Mummy Meagz. A no-nonsense pensioner that has been hand-crafting vegan snacks since the early 00's. It wasn't long until the people of Yorkshire started calling me 'The Vegan Wizard' - everyone thought it was impossible for a snack to be vegan, gluten and dairy free, without most allergens and still be indulgent. 

Approaching 70, I have a new ambition - to fight back against this world full of inequality by sharing my snacks with the world. In June 2018, I will be launching my first grab-and-go range of snacks with three flavours of mouth-wateringly moreish Rocky Road bars, made independently for independents. So, what are you waiting for? Will you join my revolution?


(Above: Me in the 70s. Below, me now!)


Don't just take my word for it, read my reviews:

Where is the Business at?

With the budget from my pension and from selling cakes on stalls, I have:

  • September 2017 - Moved into an actual office!!
  • October 2017 - Persuaded Veganuary to give out my rocky road at their press launch.
  • January 2018 - Started staying up until 2AM to build a website shop.
  • Easter 2018 - Made Vegan, Gluten-Free Cream Eggs and sold 1000's and 1000's online!
  • Easter 2018 - Featured in the papers: The Sun Newspaper, Vegan Food & Living, Wales Online!
  • March 2018 - Paid an agency to rebrand Mummy Meagz based on my passions (that was a lot of pension money).
  • May 2018 - Made 3 flavours of Rocky Road bars for the world and bagged nearly 10K pre-orders from distributors and independent shops up and down the UK!

Why do I need to crowd fund?

Spent all of the money we had to take my dream and Mummy Meagz this far. I want to change the world with snacks but I need investment to fulfil our pre-orders and take our next step into production. Here's what me and the family at Mummy Meagz would spend the Crowdfunding money on:

  • Packaging design & production 
  • Buying ingredients to fulfil our first orders 
  • Creating POS material 
  • PR/Marketing
  • A new pair of slippers for me!
  • Booking a trade show to get the word out about us
3 of the rewards were added in the 2nd week of the campaign and are not including in grouped rewards; £23 (Box of bars) £60 (3 boxes of bars) £150 (corporate package) .  Any doubts please ask! 

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