Help Launch New Skincare Superheroes!

by Happy Carrot Skincare in London, England, United Kingdom


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Our range of skincare superheroes is ready to grow but we need your help to get there! With your help we can make even more skin happy!

by Happy Carrot Skincare in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

As well as launching our new beetroot skincare product, there is another new superhero in the pipeline for later this year. I need to support this by working behind the scenes on growing the business and making it easier for people to find us through marketing, SEO and updating the website. My biggest plan for this year has to be adapting to Brexit and the new measures. This includes a changeover in the manufacturing, plus legalities, translations, customs and labelling changes. 

Happy Carrot Skincare

The Happy Carrot Story

I launched Happy Carrot Skincare in January 2019 to help calm and nourish combination and acne prone skin. I wanted to create fantastic vegan skincare that cared for the environment as much as for skin but I wanted to have fun too! 

First was my own hero, Incredible Carrot Hero Balm. Since then, I've added two more amazing products to the range. I'm so proud to have won awards, I've also been featured in Vegan Food and Living magazine and  had several really lovely blogs and testimonials written about my superheroes. 


A Vegan Business

Not only is the range registered with The Vegan Society and Leaping Bunny approved, but my business is registered Vegan Founded too. I work hard to spread a positive message about veganism, the power of plants and life in general! I also love to be able to support Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in Brentwood where possible and I sponsor the gorgeous Nibbles the bunny.


Skincare Superheroes

Our heroes are amazing for the skin and I'm proud to say they are award winning too! They're designed for combination and even troubled skin and word is they are "bloody lovely" to quote one customer! They are full of plant power, packed with natural antioxidants and all about nourishing and calming the skin. My goal is to have happy customers with happy skin!


The three key values I follow at all times are fun, simplicity and sustainability. Who says skincare can't be fun? Our skincare superheroes inject a little twist of humour and personality into your skincare routine whilst making it glow with health too.


Plant Power

After my own problems with acne, I also know that simple formulas are important and that troubled, acne prone or sensitive skin needs special care. Plants have an amazing power to calm the skin and make it feel wonderful, but even better, to keep it happy and healthy!


Why Crowdfunding?

Just like the plants I use in my skincare, my business is ready to grow too! After a year of no face-to-face events and Brexit costs too,  I'd love to be able to extend the family of skincare superheroes and reach more people who I know I could give happy skin, which is why I need your support! 

I have a new (very special) face mask to add to my family of skincare superheroes. It's a dry mask made with beetroot powder (yes really! See below!) My product testers are telling me: "OMG! How nice does my skin feel?" and "It’ll be a fabulous addition to your gorgeous range of products." Buying pots, labels, ingredients, photos, manufacturing costs, covering the legal aspects etc will cost around £1500. I know this mask is amazing and I totally believe in its success when it launches.


What's next?

After that, I have a product for the eye area I'm working on that I'd love to launch later this year so that our range is more complete and can truly come to the rescue for all your skincare needs.

Beyond this, if I can raise any more, then I'll put it to very good use with some behind the scenes technical stuff. I need some help to make my business more visible and therefore reach more people. More people means more happy skin and a little more happiness in the world. That's always good in my book!


Thank You!

One of the things I love most about running a business is being able to work with other people and you'll see on the rewards and on the photos some absolutely amazing businesses and individuals I'm very fortunate to have supporting me and collaborating on this project. So a huge thank you to all of them and of course to all of you for helping this one-woman show to get growing! I'll be forever grateful for all your support, Victoria :-)


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