Help EXPOSE & END evil Trophy Hunting!

by Eduardo Goncalves in Gosport, England, United Kingdom

Help EXPOSE & END evil Trophy Hunting!


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Every day Trophy Hunters shoot THREE tame lions in fenced enclosures for 'trophies'. Please help our brave investigators EXPOSE AND END THIS

by Eduardo Goncalves in Gosport, England, United Kingdom

Please help EXPOSE & END Trophy Hunting!


 In the last few weeks, investigators for the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting have revealed the identity of the world’s biggest trophy hunter, of a British company that organises ‘hunts’ of captive lions in fenced enclosures, of a British hunter who boasts he has killed lions, elephants, rhinos and leopards… 

 They also exposed how trophy hunters are shooting endangered POLAR BEARS for ‘FUN’, and that they are even killing PUFFINS..

 Their work is putting the Government under increasing pressure to act, and won the endorsement of newspapers including The Times and the Daily Mirror. But MORE is needed in order to get an IMMEDIATE MORATORIUM on ALL trophy hunting imports.

 Will You Help?

 (Trophy hunters are killing growing numbers of GIRAFFES)

Right now these brave investigators are working hard to bring new scandals to light. They are taking great risks so we can bring this evil ‘sport’ to an end…

 The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting urgently needs to raise £1,000 to complete its latest investigation.

 Every day that goes by, another 3 lions are shot in a fenced enclosure. They have no chance of escape. They are tame animals that have been shot in the most cowardly manner imaginable.  

 Please help EXPOSE & END trophy hunting TODAY by making a donation to support this investigation.

 (Despite being endangered, leopards are among the most popular animals for trophy hunters)

On behalf of voiceless animals…THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.



Eduardo Goncalves

Founder, Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting


PS The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting is NOT just another one of those big charities with plush offices and a team of highly-paid executives. ALL of your donations go DIRECTLY to helping persecuted animals and to campaigning to force politicians to ACT.

PPS The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting is the ONLY organisation dedicated solely to bringing trophy hunting to a complete end. It is supported by some of Britain’s best-loved public figures including Joanna Lumley, Ricky Gervais, Bill Bailey, Lorraine Kelly, Kevin Pietersen, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, and many more!

PPPS: As well as making a donation, how about getting a beautiful and environmentally-friendly campaign t-shirt!? Tell the world you are against trophy hunting and help support the work of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting at the same time! Click here for details:


PRESS ARTICLES – below is just SOME of the recent media coverage as a result of the investigations by the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting!


Sick couple kiss to celebrate killing magnificent lion in horrifying picture

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting said: “Trophy hunting is an abomination. The fact that we have so many hunting trophies coming into Britain each year is a stain on our nation’s reputation. How can we claim to be a nation of animal lovers when we allow this ­colonial hangover to carry on?

“British trophy hunters shoot hippos, leopards, zebras, bears, and even primates such as monkeys and baboons for fun. It’s sickening to think that the law then allows these people to bring their macabre souvenirs back into the country with them. British trophy hunters love to shoot lions.

"Almost every single lion shot by a British hunter now comes from one of these disgusting lion ‘factory farms’ dotted around South Africa. It is like shooting a zoo animal. These are tame animals born and bred in captivity. There’s nothing sporting about trophy hunting, but ‘canned hunting’ is surely the lowest of the low.”

Big-game hunting group ‘using influence on conservation watchdogs to undermine protections for endangered animals’ - The Independent

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting said: “We’re facing a global extinction emergency with up to a million species under threat. They include some of the hunting world’s favourite targets. Thanks to the industry’s lobbying efforts a cruel colonial pastime is compounding the crisis facing endangered animals.”

Vile hunter got 'thrill' from killing 5,000 elephants and 60 lions – Daily Star

Ron Thomson revealed he has also hunted 800 buffalo, 50 hippos and about 40 leopards among other animals, according to his website. Thomson has previously boasted about killing 32 elephants in one go – and it only taking him 15 minutes. He was identified in a report by the Campaign To Ban Trophy Hunting, which said African elephant populations have plummeted from around 1.3m in the 1980s to about 400,000 today.


“The most prolific hunter on Earth': Sickening boasts of the shameless killer who’s friends with former King of Spain and slaughtered 4,000 animals” – Mail on Sunday

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, said: ‘This man is little more than a serial killer of wildlife. Governments give them licences to kill, and the hunting industry lavishes them with awards. Cold-blooded killers like Sanchez-Arino should get prison, not permits and prizes.’

“Shameless British trophy hunter boasts of killing Africa's Endangered Big Five” – Daily Mirror 

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, slammed the lucrative business: “Carl Knight not only kills rare wildlife for fun, he makes thousands of pounds from these sick expeditions. He is literally making a killing. People in the UK will be heartbroken to learn he organises hunts of cheetahs, and outraged he makes a living helping kill endangered rhinos. They will be shocked he hosts shooting parties of giraffes and zebras, and guides hunters to shoot monkeys, ostriches and porcupines. How is shooting a monkey or an ostrich sport?”

“Sickening: British safari boss is charging callous trophy hunters thousands of pounds to kill farm-bred lions and hippos in South Africa and Zimbabwe” – Mail on Sunday

The Campaign To Ban Trophy Hunting, said: ‘For a British company apparently to be actively organising canned lion hunts will make people sick to the stomach. It’s general practice in this industry for lion cubs to be ripped from their mothers a few days or hours after birth. They are then reared in captivity to be shot for entertainment.’

“Puffins being hunted and brought back to the UK despite Government efforts to save the species” – Sunday Telegraph

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting said: “The puffin is now in danger of becoming extinct, and uncontrolled hunting has been identified as a leading cause. There should be an immediate moratorium imposed before it is too late. CITES keeps no data on how many puffins are shot for recreation or traded. It is incredible that such an iconic species has been forgotten by the international community.”

“Sick trophy hunters pose beside polar bear kills as thousands slaughtered” – Daily Mirror

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting said: “It is well known polar bears are in serious danger of becoming extinct because of climate change. If we want to see them survive, we need to stop the senseless slaughter. The ­Government should ban im­­­ports of all hunting trophies right away.”


“Surge in lion body parts including heads, skulls, skins and feet shipped to UK by trophy hunters” – Mail on Sunday

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting said: 'Dozens of Cecils could have been saved if the Government had acted when it said it would.'


“Revealed: The retired British businessman who is one of the world's top big game hunters” – Sunday Telegraph

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting said: “He is among the world’s elite big game hunters – very few have amassed so many of the industry’s obscene awards. International law allows wildlife serial killers to get away with murder.”


“UK trophy hunters have killed HUNDREDS of elephants and shipped more than 700 tusks back to this country by exploiting legal loophole” – Mail on Sunday

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, said: ‘This is grotesque slaughter on a massive scale and is pushing threatened species closer to the edge of extinction.’


“Big-game hunters have brought thousands of gruesome 'trophies' including elephant tusks and body parts to UK by exploiting legal loophole” – Evening Standard

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting said: "This is grotesque, uncontrolled slaughter on a massive scale and it's pushing threatened species to the brink of extinction"


“400 dismembered endangered animal body parts brought to UK” – Sky News

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting says an "extraordinary loophole" is allowing elephant horns into the UK.


“Fury at polar bear trophy hunting as 'pay-for-slay sportsmen' kill THOUSANDS” – Daily Express

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting today called on Canada to halt commercial trade and trophy hunting of polar bears declaring: “At a time when they are under growing threat from climate change, polar bears are being killed in their hundreds for ‘trophies’ and trade. Killing polar bears for ‘recreation’ and rugs could now push it over the edge.”


“BRITAIN'S SHAME: UK named in ‘deadly dozen’ nations of trophy hunters who travel to Africa to slaughter elephants for fun” – The Sun

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting said: “The trophy hunting industry is slaughtering elephants left, right and centre. Killing elephants for fun is unacceptable, even more so because of the seriousness of the current crisis.”


“Elephant ears and lion bones among hunting trophies imported into the UK” – The Guardian

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting said: “There is an ongoing disaster with the Zambian elephant population, which epitomises the crisis facing the species. In the 1960s Zambia had one of the largest elephant populations in Africa, estimated at over 200,000. Today there are believed to be fewer than 10,000.”


“Big game hunter who has killed more than 5,000 elephants says he is 'totally unrepentant' after being named in investigation into plummeting numbers – and admits killing 60 lions, 50 hippos, and 40 leopards” – Mail on Sunday

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting said that, since the 1980s, elephant numbers in southern Africa have declined from 1.3million to just over 400,000. In the same time period, hunters from around the globe have taken more than 100,000 trophies back to their home countries. 


“Trophy hunters put UK in campaigners’ list of shame” – The Times

Britain is among the top 12 countries with the most big game hunters killing African elephants and shipping home mounted heads, skulls, tusks and other trophies, a report from the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting has revealed.


“Sick slaughter of 2,000 hippos as Zambia accused of cashing in on cull” – Daily Mirror

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting said: “Trophy hunting is one of the last remaining great social evils. It should follow legal slavery and apartheid into the history books.”


“Huge rise in imports of hunting trophies” – The Times

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting said: “People will be shocked to learn about the scale of the trophy hunting industry in Britain, and how Defra appear to be happy to let it continue. The whole industry is out of control, and the government is happy to conspire in the collapse of the animal kingdom”.


“More than 50 celebrities - including Joanna Lumley and Carol Vorderman - sign letter demanding a ban on trophy hunters importing horns and furs” – Mail on Sunday

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting said: ‘Britain has sought to be a world leader in animal welfare. However, its reputation is in serious danger following recent revelations that it is allowing hunters to kill and bring home trophies of some of the world’s most endangered species.’


“Wealthy Brit revealed as one of the most prolific trophy hunters in the world” – Daily Mirror

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting said 1.7 million animals have been killed by trophy hunters in the past decade, of which more than 200,000 were endangered species.


“Jeremy Corbyn and Zac Goldsmith back campaign’s calls for urgent ban on importing hunting trophies” – iNews

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting said: “UK hunters have killed literally hundreds of elephants, hippos, leopards, zebras and lions – and then brought home their trophies and body parts for show.”


“'BAN trophy hunting' Fury as elephant and lion trophies are shipped into UK” – Daily Express

The Campaign to ban Trophy Hunting said: “Many people think the trade in endangered wildlife is banned but, in fact, trophy hunting is exempted. It’s an extraordinary loophole which poachers are taking advantage of. Around 300 rhino horns are known to have been exported by phoney trophy hunters between 2009-2014 alone.”


“British hunters encouraged by killing of Cecil the lion to shoot more big cats in South Africa’s deadly breeding farms” – The Independent

The Campaign to ban Trophy Hunting said: “Britain should hang its head in shame over its role in this disgraceful industry." They added that it was time that Environment Secretary Michael Gove "took action to help bring an end to this vile industry.”


“Hunting ban: Superstars call for end to trophy hunting - ‘cruel and archaic'” – Daily Express

The Campaign to ban Trophy Hunting said: “Scientists are saying that trophy hunting is directly contributing to endangered wildlife being pushed to the brink of extinction. Lions, elephants and leopards are among those species particularly affected. We may have very little time left to save them.”


“Hunter Who Killed 1,300 Elephants Claims That They'll Soon Be Extinct” – LadBible

A new report by the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting suggests that hunters from the UK have brought more than a tonne of ivory back from hunting trips to Africa, as well as around 1,089 elephant trophies.


“Sick slaughter of 2,000 hippos as Zambia accused of cashing in on cull” – Daily Mirror

The Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting said: “Trophy hunting is one of the last remaining great social evils. It should follow legal slavery and apartheid into the history books.” 





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