Help build a Spiritual Haven

by Maria Baydar in Wallington, England, United Kingdom

Help build a Spiritual Haven
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

We would be extremely grateful if You found time to read it and understand how important Your reply is for us. We are a mother-daughter tea...

by Maria Baydar in Wallington, England, United Kingdom

We would be extremely grateful if You found time to read it and understand how important Your reply is for us.


We are a mother-daughter team with a somewhat wacky side, who dream big! Our endeavours are also on a large scale, because the world belongs to the audacious. We believe that only courage and strong willpower help make the world a better place.


Up until now, we have tried to make this dream a reality, person by person, for almost 10 years, helping boost inner strength, find peace of mind and the joy of life, without which humankind would simply wither. We believe that we have been successful, because our events, seminars, trainings, workshops, retreats, camps are attended by more and more people, who have reached us via those who have already received help from us. Thousands of people read books written by Maria, and our daily work has demonstrated the increasing importance of self-healing and tending to one’s spiritual side, which is becoming globally more and more vital. 


In Tallinn’s Old Town, we have established the Centre for Therapy and Spiritual Health, where we have gathered a team of 8 people, besides us, who offer therapeutic services. They are sincere and heartfelt, and share the same mindset and sense of purpose.


There has come a time for us to take things a lot further and create a modern and exclusive centre right in the heart of nature, where we can create an ambience of our energy and serenity for guests from all over the world, who seek and need edification all year round.

Location: Kadaka talu, Nõmme küla, Uusküla tee, Lääne-nigula vald, Martna osavald


After that, the next step would be transforming it into an international centre for spiritual development, like the Osho Centre in India that is visited by hundreds of people all year round, who wish to contribute to self-development and mental, emotional and physical healing. We have many clients worldwide that have attended our courses abroad, and are eagerly waiting for our invitation. We believe that Estonia is exactly the right country to host a centre for overall well-being - due to its powerful, pure, breathtaking, magical and untouched nature. 


Briefly about the centre’s activities and who would receive help:

We support children and young people who need advice and help to cope in today's society.

We help children and parents rebuild and heal their relationships.

We help men and women of all ages in regards to life and spiritual challenges.

We organize lectures, self-healing retreats and camps for people of different ages.


Hence our desire and hope to find financial support to achieve this goal. We have acquired a house and a plot of land with our collected funds. However, in order to renovate the house, eliminate some shortcomings, make it comfortable and build the necessary extras, we need additional funding.

We do not expect You to cover the whole amount (nevertheless, we are not opposed to that), but we hope that you will find the desire to contribute and support this noble goal, to the best of your ability. 

From our side we offer an enormously magical and powerful place, free of charge, where where you can rest, restore strength, and also organize events and seminars. We take care of the marketing and are endlessly grateful. We are open to other proposals for cooperation!

Only by coming together, keeping in mind that we all are members of this worldwide community, inhabitants of Mother Earth, we can make a huge impact and create a world that we all find comfortable to live in - make an impact and lay a foundation for a better, more fulfilling, abundant future.

Hopefully, this short description in some extent conveyed the importance of our big dream and made You want to partake in its realization by contributing financially or any other way. 

We are extremely grateful for any kind of help and believe firmly that the Universe will reward You tenfold for it! You are always welcome to visit and stay with us to enjoy Estonia’s magical nature and environment. I can promise that You have never seen such a place like that! 

We are more than happy to answer any questions regarding this project - we are eager to tell You in more detail about our idea, goals, team and previous experiences.

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