Help a neighbour in need

by Lisa Mills in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

Help a neighbour in need
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My elderly neighbour Michael is in need. He's been a victim of fraud and his house in desperate need of repair.

by Lisa Mills in Plymouth, England, United Kingdom

My elderly neighbour Michael was recently conned out of £3,000 which is almost his entire life savings. To make matters worse, the front bay of his house is falling down and this money was what he intended to use to pay to fix it after his insurance company refused to pay out.

Michael is in his 80's. He lives alone with no close family around and has lived in the same house, next door to mine since he was a small child. 

Around 6 months ago I noticed his front Bay was falling down. Keeping an eye on it, a couple of months ago it looked so bad I knocked on his door to discuss it. While chatting, parts of the roof started to fall down so the urgency of the situation hit home. The next day, Michael arranged for scaffolding to go up and reinforce it, while a plan was formed about how to fund fixing it. 

Unfortunately, a ruthless con artist knocked on Michael's door one afternoon not long after, presumably after noticing the scaffolding and managed to convince Michael he was working with the builder who had put up the scaffolding and that they needed £3,000 to start fixing it. Michael wrote a cheque and the man left. After speaking with the builder Michael realised the man was a fraudster and phoned the bank to cancel the cheque. However a week later the man came back again for more money. Although Michael turned him away, we then realised that the wrong cheque had been cancelled and the man had in fact taken £3,000, nearly all of Michael's savings and all the money he has to pay for vital repairs to his house before winter. 

The bank's fraud department is refusing to reimburse Michael as he wrote and signed the cheque himself, despite it still being fraud no matter how you look at it and his insurance won't pay out for the repairs.

I have chosen to crowdfund for Michael to raise the £3,000 stolen from him because his story breaks my heart. I am worried for him and his health over winter if his house isn't repaired and I genuinely want to see something positive come out of this for Michael and restore his faith in humankind. 

He's a decent man and a longstanding resident of Plymouth who deserves some help in his hour of need. If you can spare a small amount of cash to help towards this goal and do something good for someone else please do. It will be so very much appreciated and put to great use. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Take care


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