Heartsfelled, the Identity Stealer

by Patrisha Buck in West Pinchbeck, England, United Kingdom

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We're creating a film that brings storytelling adventure alive, combining ancient British tradition with modern cinematic flair

by Patrisha Buck in West Pinchbeck, England, United Kingdom

Heartsfelled is as old as time and as wise as any story!  

What a great character and what a great way to showcase excellent British writing and creative talent. Through Heartsfelled's steady presentation we'll bring you a host of new, young and up and coming filmmakers, artists and 

actors as well as a few who have already paid their dues.

My name is Patricia Buck!

I am a writer and sometimes a poet, and now it seems I am a "producer".

I wrote an epic poem, some of it is even in Anglo-Saxon English because I am a great admirere of JRR Tolkein and Beowulf and similar epic adventures from times gone by.  And now the story from my poem is being made into a film, which is very exciting.

I've been writing since I was a child (which was a long time ago and I've published under other names), and am now very excited to have been able to get together with a team of professional and up-coming filmmakers.  The film will combine all our creative energies to bring to life a new character, Heartsfelled the Storyteller and also the villagers and demons around the story's central hero-warrior, Fyrdhwaet, the Identity Stealer. (It's no so hard to pronounce! It is "Fearth Wait"! )

Our Wonderful Locations

As you can see in our introduction footage, we are privileged to be granted permission to film at the very special Ayscoughfee Hall in Spalding which is also where the idea for Heartsfelled's Museum of Stories was hatched "behind that long-forgotten door" So Ayscoughfee is the portal between our world and the magic Storytellers'.  

We've also got permission to film the action, battle and villager sequences in a wonderful wild-wood location somewhere in deepest, darkest Bedfordshire.  A special set is being built where our colourful villagers will be seen preparing for their festivals, visiting their market stalls, dancing with mummers and green men . . . until things go wrong for them and the demons come visiting!

Creating the costumes for the demons needs a really professional touch and we are very lucky to have Steve 

Loczy and Nealy Horsfield working on these with us as well as Barefoot Leather who have made the glorious masks and then there are the "Mummer's masks" carried around by one of the villagers too - all  created and made to the highest quality we can muster.

Village Mummer's Mask!

Who are the crew working with me?

Zak Wylde Productions:

Their motto is "Live life to the full" and they most certainly do that.
Zak, Tina and Pete are seasoned special action actors, playing film roles individually and together. All three are specialist weapons experts, rock climbers and historians. Zak is also a very fine gymnast and is currently earning high grades at university, putting the formal edge on his studies and becoming an unsurpassable filmmaker.

Zak's production company, Zak Wylde Productions, is an exciting new venture founded on excellent training and experience as well as high-quality creative film-making skills.

Find this company at zakwyldeproductions.com

Zak Holland is our Director of Photography advisor and actor on the Heartsfelled, Identity Stealer film project:

Zak Holland is a highly experienced young actor, an independent stunt performer, and has worked in many choreographed film fight sequences. 

As well as being trained in other Martial arts such as Traditional Kung Fu and Kickboxing, Zak is trained in armed combat (sword fighting) as he is four times UK Backswording champion.

He is also a top-level Gymnast and has competed at National level in the men's pairs.

Zak has been acting from the age of 4 when he joined Stage Coach, which has led to many Stage performances. He now continues to play an active role in the Film and TV industry alongside his work in University studying Film and TV Production. He has worked on many productions throughout his time in the Film and TV industry such as (Justice League 2017), (The Halcyon 2017), (The Crown 2016), (The Boy Who Would be King 2019) and has worked as a creature performer in films such as (The Girl with all the gifts 2016).

Pete Holland is our Director.

As well as being an experienced director, Pete is a special action actor.

He's also all these things:- 

Martial Arts Instructor with over 40 years Martial arts experience Style - TE-MA Traditional English Martial Arts - Weapons and Hand to Hand Grade - Master at Arms - In single sword, Sword and Dagger, Sword and Buckler, Quarterstaff, Cudgel, Great Stick, Hand to Hand Black Belt in Freestyle Karate Black sash in Kung Fu Also experienced in Taekwondo, Wing Chung, Kick Boxing, Cornish Wrestling, Bare Knuckle Fighting British Academy of Dramatic Combat qualified (Theatrical sword and unarmed combat) British Federation for Historical Swordplay UK Steel Backsword Champion 2008 and 2012 UK AOBC English Country Backswording Champion 2009 and 2012 ....

You can visit Pete at - www.petebuzzsawholland.com

Tina Holland is Assistant Director and demon!  

But she is a special lady, Tina can also do the things Pete can do. She is a specialist action actor, weapons woman, and martial arts artist.  She's a wonderful addition to our team both as working film-crew admin and as professional actress.

Nigel and Julia Gant

Imagine my absolute delight and the big grin on my face when I asked my friend and wonderful orator Nigel Gant to be the character Heartsfelled for my film production, and he said; "Oh, I studied and learned to speak Anglo-Saxon English a few years ago!" (so he understood the original poem version of Fyrdhwaet immediately!)  Like everything else related to this project, Nigel is just the right person, at the right time, in the right place.  

Alongside Nigel, I get to work with his delectable wife, my very good friend and our costumier - Julia.  

Julia Gant is a musician, a re-enactor, a historian, a textiles historian, costumier and a food historian to boot.  Between them, Team Gant truly are the icing on my cake.  You can see Julia and her sumptuous costumes in our opening sequence.

I could talk more about individual actors who will play all the special roles but, really, let's get to work and then you can see them for yourselves.


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Signed Script

Three original working scripts will be signed by the cast and crew - Some of our crew and cast are already well on the way to building high flying careers, so some of these signatures on our working scripts will undoubtedly become part of movie history and will be "collectable". What a great investment! (NOTE - I have put an August 2020 date as we need to protect the script until the film is released, they will be sent sooner if possible).

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10.00 Two Tone Heartsfelled Mug

The exclusive Heartsfelled Logo on a great looking two-tone black and white mug.

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Heartsfelled, The Identity Stealer DVD with all the fun out-takes and special extras. Completion date given is the latest, we may get the project finished before and if we do then we will fulfil our side of this pledge as soon as we are able.

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The Village Mummer's Mask

Our Anglo-Saxon villagers will have three festivals, at each festival In our Anglo-Saxon village, there will be a "mummer" carrying a mask of what the villagers believe to be a good earth-spirit that will bring them good harvests or peaceful times (little do they know). They're made of fine leather. You can see one of them among my photos. The ones on offer here are wolf masks like the one in that photo. I'll release to you asap.

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£20 Special Black, Heartsfelled T Shirt

Exclusive Heartsfelled T shirt. Heavy Cotton T with the Heartsfelled Logo; available in sizes from small to 5XL.

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Heartsfelled, the Identity Stealer DVD along with a special edition, illustrated book of the original The Fyrdhwaet Saga poem. Completion date given is the latest, we may get the project finished before and if we do then we will fulfil our side of this pledge as soon as we are able.

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Heartsfelled's Favourite Recipes from across time

Heartsfelled is a genuine epicurean. So this is a very special book that's being written just for us by a very special lady: Food historian, (and our costumier) Julia Gant, is compiling Heartsfellled's favourite recipes. The recipes will be historically accurate dishes from across the centuries! They will be illustrated with photos and little stories. Learn more about the background in our blog: https://heartsfelled.blogspot.com/2019/05/real-t

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£30 Special Black Heartsfelled Hoodie Sweatshirt

A quality black hoodie with soft grey hood lining and the exclusive Heartsfelled logo on the chest. Available in sizes Small to 2XL

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Miserable Maghmaugh (wild deer) mask

As seen in the photo of Amy, this beautiful, handcrafted, leather, deer mask - part of the Miserable Maghmaugh demon costume can be yours once the shoot is finished.

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Executive Producer and Set Visit

Your name will be credited as Executive Producer on the film. Plus you'll get a tour of our location at Ayscoughfee Hall, see a where scenes were shot for our opening sequence. Cameraman Jakk will give you a behind the scenes chat and merchandise goody bag. And you'll get to visit on set (the Museum of Stories) for photos and to watch some filming. You'll be notified of available dates, during summer 2019, asap.

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